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Then and Now

I'm going through and archiving my LiveJournal entries. I’m rather technoilliterate, so instead of trying to download a program that archived for me I’m actually going through post by post and saving them as individual files. When I’m done, we are going to burn them to a CD. It’s giving me the chance to reread and correct spellings and switch out icons, although I feel a bit guilty over the Big Brother/revisionist history aspect of it. (Not that correcting a spelling or changing a picture is a fundamental change, really.)

I have finished 2004, 2005, and 2006. It’s actually kind of fun to relive parties, trips, and other happy moments. Even the sad or frustrating moments are milestones in my life. I had not thought about the fact that LJ was so useful. (When did I have that major eye infection? Oh, yeah. What year did we go to NY last? Oh, yeah. How long have I had my car?? Oh, yeah…)

This morning one of the teachers I occasionally substitute for called me and asked if I remembered the “class from hell” from a few years ago. I literally had just saved my post about his hell class two nights ago, so I was able to fervently assure him that I indeed remembered the horrible experience. It was from 9/26/05. It was a terrible class. He’s been teaching for years and after *that* class he was so disheartened and frustrated he said he had second thoughts about teaching future classes. He overcame it, as did I, but that remains one of the worst semesters either of us experienced. Apparently one of the girls from the talkative and disruptive clique had a counseling appointment with him yesterday. Two years have passed; she’d gotten married and had a child, she was about to graduate with her associates degree, and she wanted to discuss moving on for a bachelors degree. He said she was polite, ladylike, focused, and motivated. He almost didn’t recognize her, especially with the name change. So today, he wanted to call me and let me know that some of the girls from that class not only grew-up, but they matured, too, and maybe there was hope.

In completely different news... I am green. (Or blue.)


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