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I wish I had more time because I haven't had a chance yet to post about the Act4Murder show we saw last Thursday. Tickmosis's birthday is tomorrow, so as part of her birthday a group of us went to a dinner murder show. magnet5 and my best friend from high school have been in these shows before, and I have always wanted to go see one. Unfortunately, Magnet wasn't in this particular show, but he did attend with us which was awesome because our table got flirted with an awful lot, and I'm sure their knowing him had an impact on that attention.

It was at the Bombay Masala, so we were treated to an Indian food buffet. (Which is heaven for me, Raven.) I'm not saying that was the best part of the night because it was Tick's birthday and there was a play going on, but OMG I LOVE INDIAN FOOD.

The show was hysterical. Don Kashane (pronounce it like you are saying "thank you" in German) was throwing a benefit and somehow three competing divas all showed up to perform, each thinking they were to be the only artist. There was also a grumpy piano player who may or may not play piano and someone who at first seemed like a stalker, but blossomed into something completely different and wonderful. I don't want to give any more plot details just in case someone else sees the show, but I will brag that our table solved the mystery and won a bunch of cool prizes (coffee cups, coffee, chocolates). The table that came up with the worst solution won a DVD set of mysteries to watch before coming to another show in the hopes they would pick up some skills for next time. My favorite scene from the play I cannot repeat, but my other favorite moments are 1) all the terrible terrible piano jokes that Don Kashane threw out (after every joke he's say "Don Kashane!") and 2) the rewritten "I am beautiful" song that the younger diva sang. The three divas were wonderful. "Royal Payne" looked a lot like Brittany Spears and had the squeaky spoiled voice down pat. "Marion Haste" sang country songs and had the best jeans I have ever seen. "Augusta Wind" reminded me a lot of Celine Dion but was very New Age in a hysterical over-the-top sort of way. Magnet said she performed with Dean Martin as a back up singer and dancer!! I can believe it; she was striking! (Beautiful, poised, etc.)

Turns out the piano player (Stan Back) was played by one of the reporters from the Beachcomber who knew Toaster's band Ave. He's interviewed them on several occasions.

Oh, and there was yummy Indian food. DId I mention that?

Tonight there will be yummy Black Forrest cake, since Tick didn't really get a cake at the show. They did sing a dirge of a birthday song to her, which was very funny. All and all, a wonderful night. Now, I have to run and finish getting things set up for tonight. CAKE!


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Feb. 1st, 2009 08:33 pm (UTC)
I utterly adore mysteries, theater, music and Indian food, so I'm terribly envious of your fun evening. My brother has acted in some of these mystery dinner evenings before, too. I really need to do one of those home mystery party things at some point. And happy birthday to your friend!
Feb. 4th, 2009 04:32 am (UTC)
I will pass on the birthday wishes to Rhonda! Thanks!

I have always wanted to do one of those home mystery parties, as well. Rhonda threw one a long time ago (I got to be a flapper), and it turned out to be a lot of fun. I've always meant to throw one in return, but just haven't gotten around to it yet.
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