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Today was awesome!

This morning I got a bunch done - nice hot shower, ran to the post office, picked up tax forms, got a library card, and stopped off at the bank. All in about an hour. Then breakfast - yum!

Then the civil war reenactment thingy, which turned out to be loads of fun. They didn't have many booths (a hospital, a marine camp, a metal smith, and lots of canons and muskets going off), but the people working the event were really interesting and nice, which made up for it being rather small. We spent two hours just listening to three older gentlemen talking about history, their historical research, and other reenactments they worked. Toaster took loads of notes, I took loads of pictures. Now I want to go to Saint Augustine and Mobile and various other places they talked about.

Then we drove around Defuniak for a bit to see what was there and stopped off for lunch at some cafe. I ate waaaay too many fried pickles and got slightly sick.

Then we went into town because I decided I wanted Valentine decorations and other decorations for the house and my office, so we wandered around Party City for hours taking pictures of ourselves trying on stupid hats and masks. Party City triggered a memory that I needed to go to Target, so we headed out, but as we were leaving we suddenly decided to stop for haircuts on the way. Target was great because I kept forgetting why we were there, so we ended up wandering all over that store, too.

By then we were hungry again so we started out for Olive Garden when suddenly Toaster had an epiphany and practically yelled "CHIC-FIL-A!!!!!!!!!!!!" and we spun around and went there instead. After eating, we headed home. I love love love Chic-fil-a. Best ending to to an awesome day ever.

Except that wasn't the end because after hearing us babble about the Civil War reenactment people today Monkeys decided to make us watch a South Park episode called Happy Fun Time where the kids go to Frontier World. Some bankrobberesque people take over Frontier World, but the employees refuse to break character no matter how many of them get shot or threatened. It was pretty funny. Then Toaster left and Monkeys put on the South Park where Butters becomes a vampire, so now I'll be singing "Burn down burn down hot topic, don't let them take your soul..." on my way to bed.

Sleepy sleepy sleepy! Good night!


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Jan. 31st, 2009 05:46 am (UTC)
Those civil war people are hard core. I've talked to them a few times. I don't think it'm into costuming that much. They even wear period underwear! (The ones I talked to anyway)
Jan. 31st, 2009 10:39 pm (UTC)
Some were more authentic than others. I am sure there were a few there in period underwear! :) I deliberately did not start talking about costuming because I was afraid they would be very devout, however.
Feb. 1st, 2009 01:23 am (UTC)
The ones I talked to were scary devout. Made me very glad to be SCA instead. Heck the people I talked to got period fabric and the like. At least with the SCA a huge chuck of the fabric they used are no longer made.
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