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25 Things, Pluto, and Tetris on Uke

Neil DeGrasse Tyson just said that Pluto had it coming! LOL!
Ha!! Some 5th graders sent him hate mail over Pluto's demotion!! One of the kids said to write back in printing because he couldn't read cursive!!! OMG - love Neil. :) :) And New Mexico is refusing to recognize the demotion. In New Mexico they write a resolution (whereas this and whereas that) stating that w/in their borders it's still a planet!!!

I can hear Monkeys practicing the Tetris theme song on his ukulele right now.

I got tagged over on Facebook to write 25 random facts about myself. I posted it a couple of days ago, but tonight I decided I'd put so much time into that I should stick it a few other places. Plus, i love reading other people's versions (their 25 things) so I figured I'd spread it around.

Rules: Once you've been tagged, you are supposed to write a note with 25 random things, facts, habits, or goals about you. At the end, choose 25 people to be tagged. You have to tag the person who tagged you. If I tagged you, it's because I want to know more about you.
John and Jenna tagged me, so here I go. I hope I do the notes thing right - this is the first time I'm attempting this application. :) Oh, and I'm not really tagging anyone, but everyone is welcome to do this. I love reading these sorts of memes, so I'd be interested in everyone's responses.

1. My instinct for “random things” tends towards the silly, and I am fighting myself to put some actual content in here somewhere after having read so many sincere and interesting facts about everyone else. (Although they combined theirs with humor as I did a lot of giggling between my “wow!” and “hmmmm” mumbles.) I’m actually stumped right now as to what to say next.

2. I’m absurdly proud of the fact I’ve had amnesia. I haven’t bumped into many other people who have had it, so it makes me feel rather unique. (Also, it’s a handy scapegoat if I forget to take out the trash – “sorry, memory loss issues!”)

3. Most of the people who attended my wedding did not know I was already married. We had signed the license a month earlier for house-buying legal reasons. The April 1st ceremony was mostly ceremonial.

4. I like to have major life events occur on April 1st because on April Fool’s Day people always great me with “Oh, your name’s April? Today must be your day!” and laugh as if they were the first to think of it. After years of this I decided to adopt it and make it my own. When I arranged my marriage to be on that day Lisa Novak’s mom said to me “Did you pick April First so that John would always remember to put April first?” I have retroactively decided this is true, too.

5. I have red hair. If you look around my mom’s house you will find she gravitates toward redheaded images. Most of the dolls she’s bought have red hair. If she bought a painting, any girls in the painting have red hair. If she paints or quilts a girl, she gives it red hair. I don’t think at first she noticed she was doing this. I’ve spoken to other redheads and many of their moms do this, too.

6. I love road trips! I will go almost anywhere and do almost anything for the opportunity to go on a road trip. I love good company and the opportunity to experience new places, events, restaurants, and people.

7. I like setting up fish tanks more than maintaining them. If there were a market for interior designers of fish tanks I would apply. My other dream job would involve ordering office supplies. I love paper products; I can wander around Office Depot for hours.

8. George Takei sang April in Paris to me.

9. When John and I combined our book collections we each had about a thousand books. Both of us are sf/f fans, so the majority of our collections were in that genre, and we liked the same authors. Somehow we only had 25 duplicates! Even our series collections dovetailed instead of overlapped, we managed to complete several series that way. The oddest example of having different books by the same author was finding he had a copy of Letters to Phillip and I had a copy of Letters to Karen, both rather out of our usual genre.

10. At science fiction conventions I like to dress as a Star Trek redshirt and get pictures of things killing me. So far I’ve been garroted by a mime; kicked by elves; hooked by pirates; shot by Daleks and Stormtroopers and SG1, oh my; choked by Darth Vader; spellcast by Snape, Hagrid, and other Potter pals; etc. My favorite pictures are death by Tim Zahn and death by George Takei. (Takei smacked me over the head with his autobiography and put on an absolutely fierce face while doing it. Zahn was just really nice and completely amused by the idea.)

11. I got to participate in an improv comedy show with Dean Haglund from X-file’s Lone Gunman and Gary Jones from Star Gate SG1. Haglund was playing Spock and Jones was channeling Kirk. They needed an ensign to die a horrible death, and I happened to be in my outfit. It was terrifying to be up there in front of so many people with no script and no idea what was going to happen next, but it was a lot of fun. My death scene was actually good enough to make *them* giggle.

12. I like to put ungodly amounts of black pepper in my ketchup. I call it “PepperUp.” Sometimes I am a little embarrassed by the shocked expressions on people’s faces when they see me unscrew the lid from the pepper jar and pour out pepper into my puddle of ketchup, but I have converted a few people by making them try the mixture on a French fry. Eventually I will convert the world.

13. I am somewhat compelled to clear tables. I stack empty plates and containers, I pick up empty paper pepper or sugar packets, and I wipe up spilled sauces or liquids almost as quickly as they are created. Knowing this, my friends like to create little messes for me. Upon returning from the Arby’s bathroom one road trip I found three of them sitting innocently around a table covered in ripped up paper straw wrappers and napkins. Another time at Logan’s, two of them taunted me with peanut shells for at least ten minutes before others stepped in. Sadly, my need to clean does not extend much beyond table tops. My house is an utter disaster.

14. I looked up Epidemiologist after reading Jenna’s list.

15. I dug out my mandolin and started practicing again after reading John’s list.

16. I read Twilight in four hours. Not sure if I feel guilty or proud. I mostly wanted to see what all the hoopla was about. I enjoyed reading the series, so I’m glad for all the angry, devoted, snippy, snarky, and shippy blogs out there that led me to accepting Lori’s offer of loaning me her books. (Also, I enjoyed the movie.) As far as books from teenage perspectives, I prefer Witch of Blackbird Pond or The Moon By Night (or anything else by Madeline L'Engle), but books don’t have to be perfect to be enjoyable.

17. I named my VW Beatle “VIN Diesel” because I was corrupting Vehicle Identification Number and the fact it’s a diesel engine. It stands for Vehicle Identification Name: Diesel, so really the car is just named Diesel. (It’s named after a characteristic, kind of like naming your dog Spot?) My old car was named “Spooky” because the dome light looked like an alien head. Mulder’s nickname was “Spooky” and he chased down aliens, so I thought it fit. I miss that dome light!

18. I am very attached to the constellation Orion. I feel like he watches over me, rather like a guardian angel. When I’m lost and nervous or when I’m walking through parking lots to events that make me nervous (like high school reunions or office parties), I always search him out to make sure he’s up there. My first web page was called Orion’s Lodge. One of my blogs is called Child_of_Orion. I have him plastered to the ceiling in my bedroom with glow-in-the-dark stars and stuck to my office window in window-cling stars. Someday I am getting him tattoo’d, but I haven’t figured out where to put him.

19. Nicknames: Ape/Apes (childhood friends, very close friends), MLR (LJ friends), Chick/Chickie/Chickster/Chickie#2/Maureen/Heidi/Frau (Dad), Tallahassee Lassie/Dolly (Grandmother), Sweets (John), Pril/Prilly-Poo (coworkers), Apple (children! They can’t say the “R”), Ah-pri (trying to phonically spell it out, my mom says it this way), Red (people who don’t know me, friends who want to torment me). My mother and John both have other nicknames for me, but I can’t remember them. Those names are actually their very special endearments for me. I’m wondering if I can’t remember it because they are so closely associated in my head to being my name that I am automatically translating to April.

20. I try very hard to work lines from A Midsummer Night’s Dream, the Pirates of Penzance, the Imposters, and Eddie Izzard into most conversations. I don’t care if people notice; it’s mostly for my enjoyment. When/if they do recognize lines and respond in kind I am thrilled.

21. One of my favorite memories from high school is about shooting a commercial for the Scholar’s Bowl team. Mr. Adams had some sort of vision in mind where someone held up a plate of cow’s brains and said the line “’Em ain’t brains. Em’s brains.” as s/he pointed first to the plate and then to the team. He sent a team member to each grocery store in town in search of cow’s brains, but the closest anyone could find was Vienna Sausages. So poor Laura had to hold up a plate of sausages and deliver the line, after which the rest of us shouted out our names in turn. For weeks after the commercial aired stranger and friends would stop me in the hall to ask what on earth was on that plate.

22. Eyes creep me out. I cannot bear any movie tension created by eyes (from simple peeking through keyholes to eye gouging torture scenes). My friends actually have a system to warn me in advance of any “eyes coming to harm” issues in movies, books, and tv shows to protect me. They actually have a classification of “April friendly movies” and use it when deciding what movies to watch together.

23. I collect Alice in Wonderland books and memorabilia.

24. My brain can’t handle numbers composed of X,000 and XX,000. If you hear me *say* the number 14,000 you cannot be sure whether I intended 1,400 or 14,000. My husband has learned to ask “one four zero zero” or “one four zero zero zero” to clarify, especially when dealing with payments and balances.

25. For years (from the age I could read until about 20 years old) I thought that “contents” was both a noun and a verb. I thought one definition of “content” was to explode under pressure. I even used it in sentences, as in “Don’t drop that hairspray, it might content!”. Years later, walking around my neighborhood on a sunshiny constitutional, I had an epiphany that the phrase “WARNING: Contents under pressure.” was verbless, and they meant the contents themselves were under pressure. Bad grammar = bad contextual clues.


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Jan. 29th, 2009 05:06 am (UTC)
Now I have the tetris theme in my head.

Darn it!

And I'm totally thrilled that I was one of the few who knew you were married before you were married.

Edited at 2009-01-29 05:16 am (UTC)
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