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Kung Fu Hustle

Go see it! ARGH!! I wanna talk all about it, especially the funny stuff. It was nothing like I expected it to be. I love Shoalin Soccer beyond words, I guess I expected it to be more like that. But to me it was more traditional. The only way they were alike - other than some of the people - was the comedy. I want to be a landlady when I grow up!!! We laughed a lot (my favorite part involved snakes) and Toaster and John and I toyed with the idea of seeing it again today but didn't want to drive all the way into town. If you love old Kung Fu movies you will love this movie.

I love big group movie sessions! We had 8 of us at Kung Fu Hustle. I'm exptecting an even bigger crowd for Hitchhikers next Friday. At least I can't spoil that one if I talk about it as the book's already done that.

So a perfect Friday - Thai food, amazing news from our friends (read reddheaded journal), and a movie.
A perfect Saturday with a big group at our house playing with miniatures and watching movies and eating John's fondue.
A perfect Sunday with church and nothing else and our house is still fairly neat from yesterday.
I don't wanna go to work tomorrow!!

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