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Friends, Family, and DW Pinball

Today was a great day! Spent the day with my parents. Mom and I went shopping (Morning Ms. Gorilla! Been shopping? No! I been shopping!) then we met up with dad and watched another Midsommer Mystery.

Home again in time to grab dinner before the gang showed up to watch the funny on YouTube and also a Peter Davidson episode of Doctor Who (Black Orchid). Then, I could finally reveal the new pinball machine Monkeys found on eBay for a ridiculously low price. DOCTOR WHO. Remember the pictures from way long ago our last trip to Wisconsin? (http://madladyred.livejournal.com/114497.html) We now have that machine, too! I will have to take pictures of *our* game, but for now that's a link to what ours looks like. I still suck. Apparently the game is really loud, because several people commented on hearing it from outside when they were walking to our house. Ha! It blares the theme song and there's also a Dalek on top that yells at you as you play.

Oh, and my programming teacher emailed me back answering my question regarding solving some whacked out logic question. Basically I was asking her to look at one of my solutions to make sure I was doing this right because I was trying to figure it out from the book without having seen anything like this before. I was very relieved when she confirmed my answer, because there were twenty or so questions in that vein. I solved 19 of them before thinking - maybe I should ask her about these?

Tomorrow will be a busy day as well. We're having brunch with James from the podcast. Monkeys and I baked a brownie for the Machintosh's 25th birthday, so I'm going to bring James and his wife half the brownie. I'm not being nice, I just don't want the calories. I really want the brownie to myself.

I'm so very tired right now! Not as tired maybe as V, but I am looking forward to bed. Inspired by this, some icons. Not great, but I'm tired.
Photobucket Photobucket Photobucket


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Jan. 25th, 2009 06:50 pm (UTC)
The pin pall machine ROCKS!!
Last night was fun... I love watching the failblogs. =o)
Jan. 26th, 2009 05:17 am (UTC)
And, I cannot WAIT to see that movie!!
Cannot WAIT I tell you!!!
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