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I'm up to issue 512 of Order of the Stick - Yay! I am so in love with Elan. I want desperately to play Quest or DnD or something so that I can be a bard. Despite all my OOTS reading today I have still have managed to do three loads of laundry, wash some dishes, pay bills, clean the master bathroom, practice tap, and get some stuff up in the attic. All and all, not too bad. Of course, my to do list was a lot longer, so I shouldn't be too pleased with myself. I still have to read chapter two and do the homework, do some grocery shopping, catch up on emails, and loads more housework.

Instead, I will babble a wee bit about Mom's birthday. She was hugged on behalf of all who emailed birthday wishes. :) I'm so excited about how much Mom loved her birthday present. I'm slowly getting her the entire set of Midsommer Murders. Well, I also got her some old Ms Marple movies. She was quite surprised. :) My dad is a big fan of the Midsommer Murders, as well. Normally I get him books, but his face lit up as much as mom's when she opened her presents, so I'm thinking I might switch to the shows for him, too. That way, it's kind of like getting presents for *both* of them all at once. Anyway, we haven't watched the Marples, but we have watched a bunch of the Midsommers, and with each episode I'm more impressed with the series. Monkeys likes it, too, so that's really nice. All four of us can watch them together. Oh, and we also got to call my grandmother, who has the same birthday as Mom. Gram turned 90, so she was getting LOADS of phone calls that night. She said she was stunned by how many bouquets and cards and calls she was getting. Really, she should have been stunned by our off-key singing. It was awful. OH - but later Monkeys and I played uke/mando for Mom. Thankfully we were on key for that.

There's a commercial on tv for the movie Confessions of a Shop-a-holic. I don't know what they movie will be like, but the book is actually quite funny. I laughed out loud (and quite loudly) on multiple occasions. I believe I even forced someone to listen to me read a few portions of the book that particularly amused and forced at least two other people to borrow the first book. There are maybe four books in the series? I don't know. I have read three, so I know there are at least three. The Manhattan one was hysterical, too, but I don't remember the third. Anyway, didn't mean to write about that - I was intending to get back to work, but the commercial distracted me. (Confession of a LJ-a-holic)



Jan. 19th, 2009 05:00 am (UTC)
Re: I'm a turbo-powered lemming
He's my second favorite character, actually. (Which scares me a little.)

I'm up to 532 now. Had to take a break to read chapter 2 and do the homework. Ack.
Now I'm going to bed. :)

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