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Unexpected Expenses

Our stove broke just before the gingerbread party. I may have mentioned that. The glass oven door shattered, so we've been using a potholder and the grace of God to get what's left of the door opened and closed this past month. The stove was 14 years old and had been going anyway; there were lots of other problems with it. The broken glass was kind of a mercy killing in a way. (Much like Toaster's Chuck Norrising our back door...) We just got our new stove. Since we want to redo the kitchen eventually, we got the stove that we would want for our "new" kitchen even though we might not get the kitchen for five or ten years. It's lovely - stainless steel, two ovens (a tiny one for most of the time cooking like my Gorton's frozen fish fillets and a bigger one for major cooking like Thanksgiving), and convection heating thingy. The top is glass - it has four burners and a warming spot. One of the burners can go three different sizes (small, medium, large) depending on what size pot we want to put on it. On the other side the two burners have a bridge between them so that we could turn them into one long burner, like for a roastpan or something. I will try to post pictures. Anyway, it's cool. It better be, because it cost us nearly $2500.00!!! Eeeeeeps!

Yesterday our washing machine started acting funny. At least the stove was 14 years old. The washer is newer than that. I'm a little nervous. Our house is possessed and trying to jumpstart the economy, I guess. Not cool, house.

To add to my whining - it was the first day back after Christmas break and it was A MADHOUSE. The phones never stopped ringing. I actually don't have much of a voice right now! I ended up working an hour late and only left when I did because I had to get to the bookstore before it closed, otherwise I would have worked later as there is a giant stack of work I couldn't get done because of all the phones and students with questions. (Some of the questions were "why can't you work on my admissions paperwork" - to which I would point to the lines and phones as if to say "can't you figure that out yourself?"). Most everyone was really nice though. Even the crazy boy that vaguely threatened me with a bow and arrow was funny in his own way. After ranting a bit because 1) we were unreasonable about his turning in his application to a bachelors program TWO DAYS BEFORE CLASSES START and couldn't understand why that might not leave enough time to check if he met admissions requirements as he wanted me to do it right then and there so he could go back to the counseling office and register for classes AND best of all because 2) no one told him he had to meet admissions requirements. I pointed to his signature on the form below the admissions requirements and said "you signed here saying you read them - they are printed right here on the application". His only defense was saying "no one reads all the way through this kind of paperwork." When I couldn't admit him on the spot he demanded I send his transcript to xyz university who would be much less unreasonable. I don't send out transcripts, but I promised him I would give his request to the person who did - I even staked my life on it. That's when he mentioned the bow and arrow. Later he recanted his bow and arrow comment and said if he did come back it would be with love. I was pleased that it ended well.

AND I AM SICK. My throat hurts, but I think that's from the phones. My stomach hurts. Waaaaaaaaaaaaaah. Bleh.


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Jan. 6th, 2009 02:57 am (UTC)
We have a stove kind of like that here. I love the size changing burner but have never used the really long one. The biggest issue is they can be kind of a pain in the fanny to clean sometimes. Like if you really burn something on you can accidentally clean off the burner lines. The good thing is, it only makes the stove look odd... it'll still work fine.

The people that come in last minute and want everything done NOW are the same people who use to come in to FYE (or ANY retail place I've worked really) a day or two before Christmas and then get mad at us because we were out. Well DUH! You are the one who waited last minute, not me.

Edited at 2009-01-06 02:59 am (UTC)
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Jan. 8th, 2009 03:15 am (UTC)
I can't wait for you to see the stove! I was thinking about making Monkey Bread for Saturday :) :)

I'm sure the sick is from work. We all seem to catch something this last week - I think it's partly due to our immune system being weakened from stress, exhaustion, frustration, etc. So no fear, you have not infected me. How are you feeling, though? How's BabyB? And how's work going? It's getting better and better for us with each day - thank goodness. For some reason all the craziness happens at the beginning of the week. Another reason to love Fridays!

I need to make a sick icon. :)
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