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I'm a winner! My door rocks!!

I won the door decorating contest!!!!!!! I’m so shocked! There were some really cute doors; in the past week everyone suddenly decided to participate. I was a little nervous about the recent escalation in cute decorations. Plus, when our guest judge (The Dean of Student Services, wearing an elf hat that perfectly matched the hat I’d taped to Paul’s head) was at my door taking notes he made a comment that led me to believe my chances of winning were nil. In response to George and John having angel wings he said something like the memory of them was better than the reality because when they were alive some of them smoked dope. In my head I thought *all* of them smoked dope, but I didn’t want to blow whatever lingering chance I had so I kept quiet. Turns out, he loved their music, despite their personal lives, and I got first place!! The girl over in Financial Aid who talked me into doing a door got second place. Third place had a very impressive door, too. Our head of Financial Aid is super nice, and she made enough categories so that everyone who decorated still got a nod. We all got homemade medals announcing our prize (most creative, best use of available supplies, best theme, etc.), but mine has an extra bow on it. Plus, the top three winners each got a stocking full of candy. I also got a $25 gift certificate to New Hong Kong! That was totally unexpected; I honestly thought this was just for bragging rights. Alas, I do not like Chinese food, so I gave my certificate to a couple of coworkers who adore that place. They were so excited. I spent most of the afternoon dancing around the office showing off my medal.

MLR=dork! :)


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Dec. 16th, 2008 01:51 am (UTC)
See? I told you your door was awesome!

Dec. 16th, 2008 01:52 am (UTC)
AWESOME! Of COURSE you won! How can anyone beat your door?

Although that was kind of a lame thing The Dean said. Besides.... duh.
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