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I have all these bookmarks in my copy of Know-It-All of things I really liked or wanted to share but I didn't make any notes as to what I was marking so I'm trying to figure out what I thought was so important. Last Saturday we had our final day of CERT training where we actually put out a small controlled fire, lifted a 600 pound concrete slab disguised as a 2x4 off a body, and conducted a search & rescue. This is one of the cutest videos ever. I got my first ever A on a harder setting of my version of DDR! I am continuously amazed at how talented my friends are. There is the most lovely sounding thunder rumbling in the background. We spent the day at my parents house and had a wonderful time. I finally saw Wall-E. I meant to post yesterday, but got too distracted. I love my catechism classes! I haven’t finished writing about last week's class! Oh, hey, is that the TARDIS materialized in my living room?

Swiped from supergoober. The above was a meme. If you want to play, take the first sentence of the first entry of each month of 2008 and post.

I need to make a point of writing more unusual sentences on the first of the month. How's that for a New Year's Resolution?


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