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Check it out! Behind the cut are Gingerbread Party pictures! Eve, Wall-E, apple computers, Joker & Batman, Big Bang Theory, Doctor Who, Living Dead Girl, Marie Antoinette, 3D Carousel, PacMan, Sesame Street, Tasha Yar, Towely, Watchmen, multiple cookies. Best of all, the cookies tasted fantastic!! There were lots more, but this is already a lot of pictures.

Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve Eeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeve
Eve was a joint effort of Raven and Redd, I think. Raven probably made the cookie and Red frosted it?
Wall-E Wall-E
Wall-E was a combined effort of Raven and Toast, I think.
Apple Logo Apple Logo
Surprise! My husband made an Apple Logo! Okay, that's not really much of a surprise.
I'm A Mac I'm A Mac
Guess who made this one! Go on, guess! Bet you can't... Yeah. It was Monkeys.
Are You Speaking Bat? Are You Speaking Bat?
Raven actually used sculpting tools to carve out the basic shapes before baking, so even before he frosted the cookies they were impressive and completely recognizable.
Big Bang Theory Set (part one) Big Bang Theory Set (part one)
My attempt at the Big Bang Theory cast. Sheldon is in the flash t-shirt. Leonard is in the green lantern shirt. Of course Howard has a giant belt buckle. I tried to make his marti gras colored shirt. (Yes, he does have an eye patch.)
Big Bang Theory Set (part 2) Big Bang Theory Set (part 2)
I did Penny, too, but I didn't take a picture of her! This is Howard and Koothrappali as Thor. I didn't mean to put the M&M on there, it feel and I was afraid to pick it off! Matt made Thor's hammer for me. :)
Don't Blink! Don't Blink!
While some were gathered around the dining room table, others were in the living room watching movies and shows. We showed John B an episode of Doctor Who called Blink, and shortly after viewing John made this cookie.
Less Jesus, More Living Dead Girl Less Jesus, More Living Dead Girl
My favorite quote of the night was Jamie. She was doing some character from a Rob Zombie movie - something about a Living Dead Girl. But while she was decorating she was assessing her progress thus far and what she still needed to do. I heard her say to herself "A little less Jesus, a little more Living Dead Girl." and it cracked me up.
Let Them Eat Gingerbread! Wait, no. I meant cake!!! Let Them Eat Gingerbread! Wait, no. I meant cake!!!
Matt's mom made Marie Anntoinette. I'm not going to look up how to spell her last name. You know who I mean. Anyway, she used marshmallows to give the 3D effect for her breasts! LOL!
Merry-Go-Round Merry-Go-Round
Of course Tickmosis put us all to shame with another of her giant 3D projects. In the past she's done a cathedral, Santa's sleigh complete with reindeer, a plane tower thing (what are they called?). This may be my favorite, though.
Merry-Go-Round Merry-Go-Round
Do I get any credit since she used my animal cookie cutters? See the pizza looking top piece? She made the mistake of giving one of the wedges to my husband. He forgot what he was decorating and based on the shape he made a piece of pizza. When he finished and she took it from him there was a bit of sheepish "oops"ing on his part.
Merry-Go-Round Merry-Go-Round
And she's frosting us all in the eyeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee of the tiger.
PacMan PacMan
Three guesses. Monkeys, monkeys, monkeys.
Me Love Cookies!! Me Love Cookies!!
Juli took a trip down to Sesame Street. I thought the idea of a cookie Cookie Monster was quite funny.
She's Dead, Jim! She's Dead, Jim!
Someone accidently had a black frosting explosion and it looked like the La Brea tar pit had opened up on his plate, which of course reminded me of a Star Trek episode. John B overheard my joking about how easy it would be to do a Tasha Yar cookie. You know the episode when she was killed by the tar creature? Well, he made her!
Toaster's Towel Toaster's Towel
I was impressed that Toaster even depicted Towely's bloodshot eyes.
Watchmen Watchmen
I haven't read the comic books, but the movie looks impressive. Matt made characters from the cartoon. I love the one guy's jacket.
The Cookie Safe Zone The Cookie Safe Zone
We stored the cookies in the Alice Room, out of the way of the people working around the dining room table, in an effort to keep them safe. You can see the Sesame Street cookies, my BBT set, Joker, Batman, Marie, a zombie & Papa Smurf, the Blink angel, the Watchmen, Eve, Angus from AC/DC, Raggity Ann and Tasha Yar.

I also have a funny story about tormenting Raven with a Maple Leaf cookie. Giggle!


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Dec. 11th, 2008 03:03 am (UTC)
Hey! That's a pic of my unfinished Wall-E. He looked much better once I got done with him. =o)

I remember seeing John take the "Living Dead Girl" cookie out of the oven, and I immediately pointed and said “JESUS!” then I almost as immediately thought, “Who decided to make a Jesus cookie?? That’s a little out of character for this group.”

I'm trying to pick a favorite, but I cant. Everyone did a fantastic job on their cookies!
Dec. 11th, 2008 03:42 am (UTC)
I wondered if that was an in progress shot of him based on the position of your hands, but he looked perfect to me, so I thought I must be wrong.

I posted my BBT ones to the BBT group on LJ and have gotten two really nice comments about them! LOL!
Dec. 11th, 2008 05:12 am (UTC)
i know someone who would def. make a jesus cookie
he already has shown up with that huge cross, hehe

" ... a little less jesus, and a little more living dead girl!"

that was the best line sat. night :D
Dec. 11th, 2008 02:08 pm (UTC)
Those are awesome! How can one even dare to eat something like that?
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