April 23rd, 2009

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Holy Week (Batman)!!

I fell behind in chronicling my catechism experience. We just had our last class – a party to celebrate – so I don’t think I can back up and write about my missing classes, but I wanted to write about Holy Week, at least.

Brief explanation of days, if needed… Palm Sunday is Jesus’s triumphant return when the crowds greeted him with palm fronds. Passover is the Jewish celebration of the angel of death passing over their homes in Egypt. Paschal Triduum: Holy Thursday is the last supper. Good Friday is the day He was crucified. Easter is the day He rose. I missed Palm Sunday due to back trouble. I missed the Seder Passover meal on Wednesday because I had too much regular homework, but that was an optional event and not a Day of Obligation. I attended the Triduum (Thur/Fri/Saturday Easter Vigil).

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Saturday morning we had a practice session for the Easter Vigil and thank goodness everyone was excited and light hearted. It was a really fun morning. Tons of gifts and hugs were exchanged (link). We were totally lost and giggling as we went through the motions following Father Cayer’s orders on where to stand and what to say. At one point Father Cayer made like he was going to drown Patrick in the baptismal font and someone yelled out “I’ll give you $50 to do it!” When we were figuring out where to sit (those being baptized on one row, those joining from other churches like me over here, those who were baptized Catholic but never confirmed over here, etc.) Kim got moved to sit beside Patrick. She asked if that was her Penance from confession. More giggles. Lots of laughter, lots of somewhat questionable comments/suggestions, etc.

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It was exhausting, but I think going to all three nights gives Easter a much more powerful impact than just the Vigil. I am excited about next year; after having been through it once I will know better what to do, although a first time experience is undeniably special. Next year I hope to make the Seder dinner and Palm Sunday, so I’ll still have a few first time moments. I’m hoping I will be a little more relaxed not having to stand up in front of anyone or attend practice sessions – except there is the possibility I’ll be joining the choir. If so, I’ll be as busy next year as I was this year. I don’t know how Toaster managed to do both.
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My Husband is FAMOUS

Okay, so I posted before about how my husband was in a bumper on Adult Swim because at Dragoncon the creatures of the Venture Brothers so loved his Jonas Venture Jr. costume they asked Monkeys to pose for pictures with *them* instead of Monkeys asking them to pose with them. They even used their own cameras.

Well, last night we were watching the shows with commentary AND THEY MENTIONED HIM IN THE COMMENTARY! Not by name, of course. But they said something like "the most amazing Jonas Venture Junior costume" as they were naming the costumes that impressed them at the con. :) :) :)

My husband so rocks!

(Also, Doc Hammer and Jackson Publick so rock. They are the sweetest guys; I love listening to their commentary because they really like their fans and appreciate what the fans do. And they are quite humble, too. They talked about Dragoncon a lot in the commentary. Now I'm all pumped up and ready for September!!)