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Stalking Marc and the Brobdingnagian Bards

I’m getting better about talking to musicians now. I’m still not cavalier about it, but I can form words and stuff now – which is a vast improvement. The first time I tried to speak to Clarence from the Lost Boys I was incapable of forming consonants. I opened my mouth to a stream of vowel noises. Despite the fact I was muttering gibberish and probably drooling, he was nice enough to pose for a picture after autographing my CDs. The last time I saw him I was able to talk for ten minutes about various bands and I hardly made a fool of myself at all!

So picture this. Dragoncon 2002 and we saw the Brobdingnagian Bards for the first time. We were completely blown away by how funny the show was and how the entire audience got involved and connected. You know, one of those concerts were you feel totally in the moment and you realize this isn’t just a show it’s an experience. Anyway, they were the highlight of the con that year and we were so excited to find out they were scheduled to return in 2003. disbandedtoastr, reddheaded, my husband and I got there Thursday – we like to arrive the day before so we can get our room and get settled in before everything starts happening. We were eating lunch in the mall and I noticed the guy at the table behind me was wearing a Bards shirt so I thought I’d ask him where he got it. I leaned over and was just about to inquire about his shirt when I realized it WAS a Bard and, as usual, freaked out. So in a deep horrible whisper so as not to disturb him I shrieked “are you selling those shirts?” Andrew jumped and looked around frantically for the voice. Seeing me he replied “yes” and quickly turned back around. I returned to my friends to tell them the stupid thing I’d just done. They looked around to see the poor guy I’d just frightened only to discover the Bards had already cleared their table and fled. Again we died laughing and said they must think I’m some sort of crazy stalker. An hour later we bumped into them in the lobby. Andrew called out to me, pointing and saying “hey, there’s my stalker!” The weird thing is, some how they kept turning up where ever I was. We even discovered we were staying on the same floor. I bumped into him waiting for an elevator and teased him about it. His response was at least I didn’t know his room number. I replied in a cold confident voice, “I can find out” and he hopped on the elevator before I could follow. From that point it became a running joke. I have CD’s made out to their favorite stalker, I’ve been introduced to other fans as their stalker, etc. We’ve seen them at the 2004 Dragoncon (again – staying on the same floor?!?) and the North Georgia Celtic Festival (same hotel?!?!) and each time we’ve continued the stalker gag – although now we’re accusing them of stalking us. I’ll try to post some pictures proving this assertion.

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