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In other news...

My dad came up to the campus to hear a guest lecture on Arab Culture. I wanted to go, but it's registration, so I felt nervous about asking for leave even for just an hour. He said it was excellent, so I'm regretting it now. I should have gone for it. Anyway, since he was on campus I conned him into taking me to the cafeteria for lunch. Just so happens the school jazz band was playing in the student mall, so I got to see my former drum instructor conduct the band. Even better, my current tap instructor sang a few songs along with them. So I had an awesome lunch date. They were doing old jazz standards (Fly me to the moon, When I fall in love, etc.), so between songs Dad was reminiscing about some of my grandmother's shows. She is a retired drummer and ran several bands. Apparently some of her former band members were students from a big musical conservatory up there, so she got to boss around some serious musicians. She's told me for years how great her kitchen bands were, but I'd never heard them live nor heard anyone else talk about them until today. Apparently they really were freaking awesome. Also, it was neat to have lunch with dad and spend some time with him. Usually I hang out with mom and just kinda wave at Dad in passing.

I'm also proud of me because despite how much I really didn't want to go to tap tonight I fought my fears and tippitytapped off to buffalo. I was prepared to use my back as an excuse, and truly I was worried about my back, but it did just fine. I ended up really enjoying myself. I'm holding my own for as little as I have been practicing. If I practiced, I could almost be ... um ... not embarrassing. It is darn fun. I love the noise! I'm trying to decide if I'm going to take it again in the Spring. Our first routine was to Trashing the Camp from the Disney movie Tarzan. Now we are doing a really complicated and fast routine to a song from Happy Feet. She even said that despite it being a "beginning tap class" the pace of this song is more an "intermediate tap class"speed, so she said we should be proud of ourselves.

Anyway - off to bed. I have to get to work early tomorrow so I can work on my Beatles Door.


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