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An Easy Day

We taught some friends how to play Apples to Apples tonight - it was a lot of fun! I hadn't seen them in a long time. They were two members of our somewhat defunct reading group. (We need to get that restarted after the holidays...) Before that I hung out with my mom most of the day, and we roamed about town. It was some kind of recycle day, so I dropped off some bags and cell phones at City Hall. They gave me a flier with the new recycling rules (expanded!) and some coffee mugs made of recycled newspaper and plastic. Very strange. We went to Target for no reason whatsoever, and I did my impression of the SNL Target skit for our cashier. That was fun. OH - and Libra, go to Pennys, look on the right side of the door in the Juniors section for a sign that says "skinny jeans $19." Under that sign you will find some really cool waistcoats for only $12!!! I think you would like the grey or the black ones, they are somewhat embroidered. I also found a shirt I had been wanting for $4 - yay! Also, I did my WW weigh in, and since I don't have to go back for a month we went to Sonic. Yum. I had a personal best for Scrabble - woot!

I suppose it doesn't sound like the most exciting day, but I laughed a lot therefore it was an awesome day.

Now I'm very sleepy. Good night.


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