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Hope everyone had a wonderful Halloween! I had a blast – I got to go trick-or-treating, I got to hang out with friends, I got to eat a bunch of yummy food, and I got to watch some interesting movies, so it was awesome.

I meant to write a Halloween thank you this weekend, but we were actually pretty busy Saturday and Sunday, so I ran out of time.

First of all, big thanks to Raven, Toaster, and Redd for helping to decorate our house. Seriously, the house never looked better decorated. I honestly think ours was the best on the block if not the whole neighborhood. I wish I had a good picture of the porch. I thought I took video of it, but I even failed at that. Equally big thanks to Raven & Toaster for helping to take everything down the next day. You are amazing.

Big thanks to McAmason for bringing up the chicken tenders and for sitting in chairs/hiding behind curtains and jumping out at people on our porch. Watching some of the grown-ups jump while the kids were nonplussed was totally hysterical.

And thanks to everyone who was able to bring food to share. Extra thanks to Droidgirl and brother for the healthy options of salad (yum!) and homemade salsa. I ate a bunch of both of them. Raven actually made Tandouri chicken, OMG good plus, like glass windows, it keeps Zombies at bay. Redd made some adorable witchy broomstick things. JimtheAxe made pork with an amazing curried fruit salsa. Tick brought popcorn balls and cute gummy rats that kept getting into the cheese tray. What am I forgetting? Toaster’s punch and other billion things she brought, Monkey’s Boogogi, my lovely pumpkin and moon cheese tray plus other snacks.

Thanks to everyone who humored me and participated in the cupcake decorating contest. Pictures forthcoming. Thanks also for humoring me and watching the MST3K episode of Zombie Nightmare! You made my night. Thanks for all the other movies brought up (even Zombie Strippers).

Thanks to everyone who came up. Love to those who couldn’t make it over, and I hope you had a wonderful Halloween wherever you were celebrating (if you celebrate).

My opinions (and really, who else’s matter?!!?!?):

Best costume: Tick as Cleopatra, you would never know it was held together with safety pins and had been hastily assembled that morning before work. It was so impressive it slowed down our trick-or-treating because people kept asking about it or trying to pet the snake.

Scariest costume: Brandon as Amy Winehouse, kinda scary, kinda sexy, kinda funny. I’m still giggling. I’m also a bit confused and concerned. Um, and maybe jealous.

Cutest Costume: Brendan the Pirate – arrr! He has the unfair advantage of being three and of being incredibly cute in general, but when you add a pirate costume on top it, there’s no stopping him.

Best Zombie: Raven . My favorite part was the chicken. I have a short video of him shambling down the street gnawing on a chicken leg. It is awesome. (Although, I think Doctor Who, Cleopatra and I, as a ST Red Shirt, had a good argument that we were all technically undead)

Tastiest Dish: I liked everything, so everybody wins, but for sake of prizes I’ll say the chicken. EDIT: I'm eating more Tandouri chicken right now - and MAN it is good! OMG! It's even better tonight than Friday.

Scariest Dish: Jim’s Pork Arm thing (it actually freaked out Shawn, I don’t think he could eat it.) The best thing about it was that while it did really look like a human arm with the skeleton hand sticking out the end, the pork itself was tasty and the curried fruit was amazingly good. So it was nice to have a scary dish that wasn’t so gross you couldn’t eat it (like Monkey’s head cheese jell-o that one year or Audrey’s kitty litter-box cake).

Cutest Dish: Redd’s Witchy Broomstick things (what were they?). They looked like they took a lot of work, too.

Cupcakes: Honestly, everyone’s was great. Even mine were cute, though they were a bit abstract. The ones that most impressed me artistically were the Skeleton Hand cupcake and the Spider cupcake. The ones that seemed the cleverest were the Bite Me cupcake and the mushroom cupcake. The winner is Catie’s because she is ten and adorable and really wanted to win, so much so that the winner had to be decided and prize awarded at a time when only two cupcakes were up for contention as her ride showed up before anyone else other than she and I had a chance to participate– LOL!

Anyway, feel free to submit your own opinions. I still have a few prize bags left and can hand them out prior to shoving everything up in the attic…


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Nov. 4th, 2008 02:37 am (UTC)
you're most welcome for all the help and once again thx for hosting this awesome party :D

i had a freaking blast and all that caffeine and sleep depravation was definitely worth it :D

here's a link to all the pictures i took:

i also added them to my thank you post :D

now it's your turn to upload them to my flickr account :D
Nov. 4th, 2008 03:04 am (UTC)
gaaaaaaaaaaaaaah, i tried reading the FAQ and i can't figure out how to upload pictures. i hate computers. I'm just going to email them to you and let you do it if that's okay?
Nov. 4th, 2008 06:49 pm (UTC)
thy will be done
they're all uploaded on my flickr account as well as in my halloween thank you post


flickr: http://www.flickr.com/photos/8066351@N02/sets/72157608631319848/

post: http://herzograven.livejournal.com/54316.html
Nov. 4th, 2008 03:14 pm (UTC)
I almost bought a skull punchbowl with skeleton arm ladle on sale at Kroger, then remembered that I don't throw Halloween parties. You throw a lot of parties!
Nov. 5th, 2008 03:12 am (UTC)
I actually need a punch bowl...
I love parties! You've done some cool parties. I think I remember a brilliant Oscar party you described, plus others.

We have people over just about every Saturday to watch movies, but those are not elaborate - just food and movies. (It makes sure I vacuum at least once a week.) We have thrown more parties than normal recently because of Monkey's delayed birthday, Tammy's wedding shower, and (thanks to Tammy getting married and not throwing her usual Halloween party) the Halloween party. We won't have another big party until the Gingerbread decorating party at Christmas. If you are free, you should come down!!

I do love to throw elaborate parties. I thought about a shower planning business called April's Showers. :)
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