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Finished Roots of Desire

I finished Roots of Desire and have moved on to Hiding in the Mirror, a nice layman level book on string theory by Lawrence Kraus. My opinion of Roots of Desire hasn't changed. If anything, it got even less informative. The science section was frustrating because for some of the sciential parts it felt like she didn't care about it or glossed over it. At one point I swear she dismissed genetics to look at paintings. I like paintings, but she set out for England partly to interview scientists and visit Darwin's house in search of where redheads come from so why walk away from it all (literally, she serendipitously wandered into a museum while lost in thought pondering genetics only to stop in front of a painting and realize it was of a redhead). She left pondering genetics instead to compare herself to a painting of Persephone and talk about picking carrots from her garden to cook a surprise dinner for her husband still asleep in bed. What does that have to do with red hair? And how is her life so full of serendipitous moments? And what's the beatle doing here? And why am I so snarky? I guess I'm tired. *EDIT* Instant Karma, now I have Police songs stuck in my head...with one breath, with one flow...

The sex section was actually fairly tame! Lots of stuff about people wanting to dye their hair red. LOL - she's like me, she gets really defensive if someone asks if her hair is dyed. The super cool part from that section was the comic book people she interviewed said to symbolically draw an independent, kick-ass, female character you make her a redhead. If I had the book near me I would put in the exact quote.

There were some moments where she voiced some of my own fears as a redhead. My hair is getting browner. Lots of people tell me that it's not. Lots of people tell me that I'm clearly a redhead. I think they are humoring me because they care about me and know how important it is to me that I be a gingernut. :) Seriously, it makes you instantly unique. Still, looking in the mirror most mornings brings a bit of fear and sadness when I see my hair is not the same shade it was ten years ago. What if it does all fade away in the next ten years? She must be about ten years older than me, and her hair appears to have made the same transition mine is currently working on. In England a scientist drew some of her blood to determine which kind of redhead she was, and part of her was looking forward to getting dna analysis verifying that she *was* a redhead. I'd like that, too! We'll both have some sort of document for twenty years from now when our hair is not so unique.

I promise, no more redheaded whining for a while, except for possibly finding the comic book artist quote...

Normally every year I make a resolution to read fifty books and attempt to log them. Normally I screw it up and lose my logbook. It occurred to me it would be hard to lose LiveJournal... so instead I just forget to write stuff down. Alas.



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Oct. 21st, 2008 05:27 am (UTC)
people actually ask you if your hair is dyed? How weird because generally people assume I am.

How flipping weird.

As for your hair. I have not noticed that it looks any different. Although, I look at you like a redhead, so I may not see you any other way. I know my hair gets darker all the time.

Oct. 21st, 2008 12:13 pm (UTC)
Very rarely they ask that. (Sometimes if I'm on the hair aisle, I like to try to find my hair color among the dyes.) But if I get asked that I have the same emotional response she described in the book. :)

I've also been asked three times if I was pregnant. That is *not* a question anyone should ever ever ask someone - LOL!

It's so weird how hair color can change like that. My texture has also changed over the years. It's biochemical and reflecting some inner change, I'm sure, but it's still weird.
(Deleted comment)
Oct. 22nd, 2008 02:34 am (UTC)
That was an AWESOME exchange.

I am sooo giddy that both you and Madlady thought I was a true redhead. Hee! That totally makes my day! I WAS suppose to be a redhead! Not a brownish auburnish head. Even my own family was confused by that. When Kenton and I came back from Alaska the first time, (11 years ago or so) we stopped in Missouri to visit my dad's family. They hadn't seen me for 8 years at that point. They told me a couple days after I got there that they had been expecting a tall blond, not a short redhead. I hadn't dyed my hair in like 8 months.
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