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And Then There Were None…

We had expected to be in Wisconsin in October, so I did not think I would get to the college production of Agatha Christie's And Then There Were None. With Artemis getting so sick, however, we are housebound for the most part as we would never expect anyone else to give her the IV treatments or feedings. Therefore, we ended up at the play after all! It was in the smaller theatre and the set was so big they only had one of the three sets of seating out, so the play sold out before I could get tickets for everyone. As it stood, Monkeys and I had to go on a Wednesday night instead of our usual Friday night because of the limited seating. That turned out to rather nice as we went out for dinner and saw the play as a date. I even wore a super fancy dress and did my hair up a bit.

I ought to talk some about the play… While I enjoyed everyone, I was particularly impressed with the butler (Mr. Rogers) and the prudish lady (Emily Brent)'s performances. The set was fantastic! Apparently I love Art Deco now. I was especially impressed with two things. One, they did a hallway even though nothing actually took place there, it just added to the feel of the play. Two, to give the illusion of a courtyard, they created giant windows with French doors leading out to what must have been a narrow area with some chairs, a wall that they peered over looking for boats off stage, and a sort of green screen. It was all open air cutouts, but it really looked like windows and they projected a moon or other lights to imply the time of day. The lighting people did an amazing job with their lightning flashes, power outages, faux candles, all perfectly timed. I loved the costumes, too. I think they should put their costumes on display somewhere as they always do an amazing job with those. The accents seemed to come and go, which was amusing. One gentlemen was Scottish, Irish, British, German, and from Boston all within the span of ten minutes.

Before the play, we toured the pastels exhibit and chatted with a lovely gentleman manning the door there. It was both sweet and sad, because he kept referring to his wife. He was an engineer, but she was an artist, so they would attend a lot of artistic functions. They lived in Paris for a while due to his work, she spoke French and they loved to go to exhibit openings for their evening activities. When they were living in New York, she took art lessons at some faux marble school, and while she was in class he would spend the day at the NYC art museums. Thanks to her influence, he spent a lot of time talking to artists, and as an engineer he was always fascinated with why they used the techniques they used. Now that she is gone, I think he holds on to a connection with her by attending our college exhibit openings to talk to those artists, and he volunteers his time at the exhibits desk. The volunteers go through some sort of training on the artwork in case patrons have questions. Probably their main job is pointing out the bathrooms. He spoke to us for a long time, so I think he was lonely. It was beautiful listening to him devote as much time to bragging about his wife's artwork as he spent talking about the pastels currently hanging on the walls. It was so touching that as we were walking to the theatre Monkeys and I were mock-arguing over how we would be like that. I was insisting he would take up making Celtic knot work graphic art and start travelling to Celtic festivals and telling people about his redheaded wife who loved the festivals. He claimed I would be roaming about MacWorld and talking about how much he loved Apple computers. The only thing we agreed on was that neither of us wanted to be the one left behind.

Monkeys is tall, and the seats are small, so we always make it a point to get there thirty minutes early so that we can get in when they first open the doors for seating in an effort to get him on the front row where he can stretch his legs. I knew it was going to be a full house, so this was extra important last night. Next to me was an empty seat, and next to that were three reserved seats. Behind me were two empty seats. In the foyer we had bumped into someone from our Writing and Grammar class. Vincent didn’t have a ticket, but fifteen minutes before the show they declare “no shows” and let names on a waiting list in. I didn't want to actively save the seat next to me since he didn't have a guaranteed seat, but I was hopeful that no one would want it since it was a single seat. Lo and behold, Vincent arrived and sat next to me! When we first arrived at the theatre, long before we were seated, Monkeys and I saw an oddly dressed young man walking around the building complex. I noticed him because he seemed like he was from a JK Rowling book. You know the descriptions of the wizards trying to fit in the muggle world, where something about them just isn't quite right? Like they have on plaid and stripes or have an out of place handkerchief or something? That's what he seemed like to me. I promptly forgot about him because I got distracted by the Pastel Exhibit and chatting with Vincent. Suddenly, the oddly dressed youth from the parking lot showed up (Maybe he apparated?) and looked perplexedly at the reserved seats before settling in behind me. I am short. NonMuggle looked to be my height. Vincent is 6 foot 3. Monkeys is taller than Vincent. Nonmuggle was sitting behind me on stadium seats, which meant he had a clear view of the stage. I know this, because I have often sat behind Monkeys at these plays when seating was limited. Nonmuggle spent a lot of time explaining to us and everyone around us that he needed an exceptional view of the stage because he had to write a paper about the production for his Drama Appreciation class. He even went as far as to stand up and walk in front of us to make sure we knew about his paper. I knew, however, that the six foot people needed leg room more than he needed this supposed high definition view, that he could see just fine (based on my having sat behind Monkeys before, and he wasn't even sitting behind Monkeys, he was behind me), and that he was at the theatre before us so if he really wanted the perfect seat in the house he could have had first choice of seats. When no one seemed likely to switch seats with him he sat back down and switched to talking nonsense about politics to a very patient, older gentleman sitting behind Vincent (in which NonMuggle could not remember McCain's name) and talked in awed tone about his extremely expensive suit. Shortly thereafter the president of the college came in with his wife and her friend and took the seats next Vincent. I was very glad I had dressed up a bit since now I was sitting pretty much next to my boss. Nonmuggle somewhat loudly questioned why they got the reserved seats, and I heard the patient, older gentleman say, "He's the president of the college." Apparently that explanation did not satisfy nonMuggle, however, because during the first intermission he popped up and engaged Dr. R in conversation. I couldn't hear all of it, but I know he led with the question, "Did you pay extra to have the seats reserved?" When we were leaving we caught another wisp of a conversation he was having with one of the docents about the murderer from the play. I would have to give away the play ending to share that conversation, but both Monkeys and I did impressions of it all the way through the parking lot in between fits of giggling.

So, in all, best Date Night ever.


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Oct. 10th, 2008 02:30 am (UTC)
I don't think that's mean, if the dude wanted a special seat, he should have tried harder.
Oct. 10th, 2008 02:51 am (UTC)
most of me KNEW he had no right to be all hinting for our seats, but i still felt bad. i'm too easily guilted. *sigh*

you were so there in spirit, by the way. we referred to him as "one of God's special children" :)
Oct. 10th, 2008 03:00 am (UTC)
:D Glad I could be there. Really he was in the wrong.
Oct. 10th, 2008 02:59 am (UTC)
oh, by the way, there's a picture of you and me on Jim's Facebook! We have the blue tongues. :)
Oct. 10th, 2008 03:10 am (UTC)
(PS this is me still. I switched to my Child_of_Orion account so that I could use my What's your favorite planet icon for something Toaster posted.)
Oct. 10th, 2008 12:11 pm (UTC)
I want to see Dracula.
let me know if y'all are going so i can tag along, eh?
Oct. 10th, 2008 05:40 pm (UTC)
You will have to tell me the docent conversation tomorrow night. I already know the ending.
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