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I thought I would get a bit of a break now that Dragoncon, Monkey's bday, Pirate Palooza, and the shower are over, but it appears not! October seems like it will be a busy month after all. This Friday I'm excited because we're going over to my parents for dinner and spending the night. We're hoping to make S2AK’s Nan bread on Thursday to contribute to dinner. My mom is trying out about eight different recipes from an Indian cookbook. There’s some green bean garlic dish, a potato and poppy seed dish, a cauliflower something, a chicken curry, a beef korma, a lentil/daal dish, and some kind of noodle/nut desert. I don't know. All the pictures looked really good! I'm trying to eat very healthily today through Thursday in preparation for going craaaaaaazy on Friday. I was really, really bad this weekend between the shower, Hooters, and Ben & Jerry's ice cream being two for one at Publix... so I'm not sure my self-control functionality is fully operational right now.

Then it's a birthday bonanza! Saturday is our friend's son's birthday party PLUS it's droidgirl's actual birthday. We're having cake at our house for her and for libras_art's upcoming birthday and in honor of soberchef, kwix, and sarahtoalaksa's recent/upcoming birthdays. They might not be able to be with us in person to celebrate, but that won't stop the singing and caking! The Saturday after that, we are going to another birthday party. (Jeez, people. Like February is that romantic a month…) The following Friday and Saturday we are going to Tammy's rehearsal dinner and her wedding. The 17th is also the actual birthday of my bestest friend since birth, so since I can't hang with her on her actual birthday I'm trying to arrange a road trip to take her out for a belated birthday lunch on the 25th instead. The weekend after that is HALLOWEEN!! Huzzah!! It's funny, because there are also about seven birthdays at work this month. I don't know if October really is a bigger month for birthdays or if it's just the crowd I run with.

I got some of what I needed to get done tonight. Before the night is over I hope to finish at least two loads of laundry, clean the Alice room, and declutter the living room and dining room in preparation for this weekend since I can't do it Tuesday, Thursday, or Friday (due to tap dance, Catechism class, tap dance, Indian dinner at mom's). Wednesday was to be dedicated to more laundry and cleaning the kitchen. We have loads of extra laundry now thanks to all the Artemis treatments. Also, tonight is Chuck and Big Bang Theory and Heroes!! OMG! And somewhere in here I have to post Pirate Palooza pictures and the moose pictures as somehow we had an influx of moose recently that I wanted to post about. (Re pictures, Raven is going to help me set up a Flickr account on Saturday, aren’t you!) I also need to burn a disk of shower pictures. That may have to wait until Sunday. I'm longing to not only show off Monkey's fairy cards but to try to make some icons based on them, too. I need to make a Willie Wonka: So Much Time and So Little to Do, Strike that, Reverse It icon!


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Sep. 30th, 2008 04:36 am (UTC)
Well February is a cold Month. :D

Hey! Did I give you the Naan recipe?? I don't I did!
You need either twice the sugar or to only let it rise once. Although if it rises only once it's not as fluffy. Don't forget the garlic! It was awesome!
Sep. 30th, 2008 12:03 pm (UTC)
You are so awesome!!!! Thank you thank you thank you!! :) :)
Sep. 30th, 2008 07:57 am (UTC)
yummy .... heartbu .... i mean indian food :D

you don't want to end up like looking like this ... do you?
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