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A Fairy Shower

There were some really good and fun moments from the Fairy/Celtic Shower. If I ever throw another Fairy theme or Celtic theme shower, I have a really good experience to draw from. This wasn't my normal shower, because my role originally was to be just "consultant," so by the time I got involved it was past the opportunity to have a full-in theme where everything (invitations/thank yous, food, plates, games, etc.) goes back to the theme. With that, I do a matching memory book that documents everything (copy of the invitation, recipes from everything served, pictures, etc - it's like a scrapbook). I am hoping to get to do a fairy shower again because for the momento book I'd like to do a pressed fairy book. Anyway, even without this being Full Fairy, there were still some really cool moments.

The reading back of what Tammy said when opening the presents as what will be said on her honeymoon was hysterical. Monkey's made some gorgeous fairy decorations; he is so talented. Several of us want copies of the table tents with fairy pictures and fairy quotes to frame for our homes. I also really enjoyed playing with glitter and crayons, myself, for the more "rustic" decorations I made. Tammy's niece was exceptionally cool and helpful. No matter what I needed, she would pop up from somewhere and fix it/clean it/locate it. She also asked to wear the skirt and fairy wings I brought, which I thought was cute.

Of course there must be drama. But there was a funny moment in some of that drama. Tammy wanted just her "girls and gays" at the party in case there was anything said, given, or done that might embarrass a girl were a guy been present. One of the guests wanted to bring her husband and possibly her son. Tammy's mom had to enlist Tammy's aide to make it clear "no boys." Her friend still argued that if xyz could come, her husband should be allowed, as well. Tammy pointed out xyz were clearly not "guys guys," but she wasn't sure if that was going to stop this friend from bringing her husband. I told Tammy she should have explained xyz were allowed because it was a "fairy" shower, but if husband did come we'd put him in wings and a dress. She liked that answer...

Best of all, the games worked out really well! I came up with two (Irish Blessings and Fairy Lure), Monkeys created a Pin the Wings on the Fairy, and her mom wanted to do the wedding dress from toilet paper game.

The Irish Blessings game turned out to be pretty fun. I took three short, rhyming Irish blessings and removed the final line. Guests had to write their own ending, which didn't have to rhyme or even make sense. (I'm the person in Apples to Apples who always votes for "Baked Potato" regardless of the green card.) A volunteer judge and I picked out our favorite over all "poet" to win grand prize, but we also let fairies flit to people who came up with clever or sweet ending. Anyone recognized in this manner got their endings read aloud. It worked out really well. As people were finishing at different times, we also used that time to do introductions and to chat, so that those who finished early weren't bored waiting.

Fairy Lure was really fun for me. I based it on one of the games Redd plays at her jewelry parties and on the traditional clothespin games from showers. Tammy, Toaster, and I spent a few days glittering up clothespins leftover from Monkey's bday party and affixing tulle wings to make them look a bit like fireflies, but I called them fairies. During the shower I handed out fairies to anyone with shiny jewelry (fairies like shiny!), anyone who made funny/clever comments (fairies like funny!), and anyone who was helpful. Then for the actual game, Toaster and I drew really bad pictures about Tammy and Shawn's meeting, dating, proposal, and upcoming wedding events. There was one word written on each card. Guests had to pull something out of their purse that started with the same letter as that word. The first person(s) to do so attracted a fairy (fairies are curious). It was really fun because 1) it told about the bride and groom, 2) the pictures were awesomely funnily bad, 3) frantic digging through purses for something starting with a V gave it a high participation impact, and 4) it was equal opportunity as you didn't have to write or dance or anything too physically/mentally strenuous. The winner was the person with the most fairies at the end of the game.

Project Wedding (what I'm calling the wedding gown game) turned out to be a lot of fun. I was worried because it wasn't my game and didn't know how it should run. Thankfully, it wasn't too complicated, and by the time we played it half the guests had already left which made it more manageable. I need to post pictures of the designs because words cannot do justice to how impressive a job they did with their gowns. I was stunned.

I only had to be there two hours early to help with setting up (yay!). The shower seemed to go smoothly and end at a decent time with no unhappy guests. For clean up, Toaster and Droid stayed to help me gather all my stuff, so I was out of there around 6pm. Afterwards, to celebrate, Toast bought me a margarita - LOL!



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Sep. 29th, 2008 12:29 am (UTC)
I love-love-LOVED the fairy tents that Monkies made.
And you had some many good ideas, and not only that, the ability make those ideas happen! The bags you made were VERY cute. I've got a flower one and I'm gonna frame it and take it to work with me. =o)

Oh, and our wedding dress was the best, hands down. We SO rocked that toilet paper!
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