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blah blah blah

Big long aimless post!

Shower Update – I’m actually really proud of some of the stuff I’ve made and comade for the shower. It’s kind of folk-arty. Last night I made a bunch of gift bags (celtic knots, bells, hearts, shamrocks, really ugly fairies, and grand prize bags) plus I made chocolate covered pretzels. The ones with purple sugar I’m calling Fairy Wands and the ones with green sugar I’m calling shelalaghs. Tonight my goal is to finish jazzing up the gift bags with ribbons, find some gifts (pilfering from fairy stuff I got for Tammy for Christmas – LOL!), make wings for the Pin the Wings on the Fairy game, make a rainbow for the Golden Words of Wisdom, and dig out dishes.

Tap Update – I haven’t actually posted much about tap class other than maybe saying that I love it. I’m terrible. So far, other than the turns, I can still laugh at myself. The class is broken down into about ten minutes of warm ups, forty minutes of learning and practicing steps (Fred Astaire, time step, scissor step, etc.), and ten or twenty minutes of working on our Combination. We’re dancing to a song from Tarzan called Trashing the Camp by Phil Collins and N Sync. This song is adorable. I’m actually not terrible at tap, but I’m certainly not good. Right now I don’t have the time to do a lot of practicing, but after the shower I’m hoping that will change. Regardless, everyone should take tap. It’s a hoot! And it’s noisy. I love the noise!

Palooza! – Arrrrgh! I need to write about Palooza! I need to post pictures! I will do that on Sunday, I hope. For now, it was amazing. Thank you, Captain Drew, for all your hard work. Thanks to the performers for putting on a great show. Thanks to the pubs for good food. It’s also really nice seeing familiar and friendly faces. I’ve grown quite attached to the Georgia folks and am glad you are in my life.

Artemis Update – Our cat is brilliant. She’s feeling better, so she’s fighting the IV and the pills much more vehemently. Before we could pretty much do anything to her, but now she’s acting more like her ornery and brilliant self. She’s figured out that the morning routine now consists of Monkeys getting up, going to the bathroom, returning, going into the kitchen (to heat the cat food, fill the needles, prep the pills, prep her box), and then returning to scoop her up and torture her before depositing her back on the bed and going off to take his shower/get ready for work. So Tuesday, after he returned from the bathroom and left for the kitchen, she got up and hid under the bed. He couldn’t find her, so he went off to take his shower. She climbed back on the bed with me. When he returned from his shower he grabbed her. He was not happy because he likes to shower afterwards to wash off all the cat food she splatters on him! She was not happy because … well, because she got tortured. Wednesday morning, after John left the room, she climbed out of bed and hid. This time, she did not come out until after she heard him leave the house. That’s right, she figured out what happened yesterday, so when he returned from the shower she stayed hidden. That morning she won. No torture. This morning, after John got up and she heard the microwave door, she started to get up. We were prepared. The night before he’d stuffed pillows all under the bed to block it off and that morning I grabbed her and held her until his return. But darn it – how smart is that? She knew exactly when to hide and when to return. She’s doing lots better. We take her back in two months to see if her levels are okay and get another time estimate. She still walks really slowly and has trouble moving around, and she’s still not eating much on her own, but her personality is back, so we’re grateful for that.

I’m trying to paste my LJ posts over onto MySpace. I’m not in the habit of getting on MySpace, so this is difficult for me. I can’t take all the blinking; it makes my eyes cross. Maybe I’m just old! I also have more pictures and stuff from John’s party that I want to post (the planet competition and a few more poems), but I don’t think I’ll have time tonight. I have to get to work now that I've finished my popcicle. (I have no will power any more - weigh in on Saturday, and despite knowing that all I want to do is make a caramel sundae...)



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Sep. 26th, 2008 12:53 am (UTC)
I love smart cats! So good she's coming back to herself.

And I totally agree about MySpace.
Sep. 26th, 2008 12:59 am (UTC)
When I first looked at your post I saw "Shower update" and I thought "oh! They've started been working on their shower again!!"
Then I read "Tap update" and thought "Oh! They bought new taps for their bathroom! Wow, they must really be fixing up their bathroom."

Your post wasn't at all what I expected. =o)

And Yay for Artemis!! I'm glad she's getting back to her old self. =o)
Sep. 26th, 2008 01:09 am (UTC)
We love having you come up, it makes us feel "legitimate" and "destination-y". I've heard great things about the James Joyce and will be asking people in the PiratePalooza LJ community to give a review of their Palooza experience this year... to hear what worked and didn't (oh say, like the Eddie's Attic not being open). I'll do that a little later tonight... you girls get your reviewer hats out.
Sep. 26th, 2008 05:08 am (UTC)
MySpace is an abomination.
I may be old, but I know an ugly site when I see it.
I also know bad code when I see it.
Sep. 26th, 2008 12:06 pm (UTC)
If only I could convince my cousins of that! It's the only way I stay in touch with several of them. I'm going to blame that on the ignorance of youth... alas.

And now there is also Facebook. I like it better than MySpace, but it still doesn't have the depth of community and conversation that Livejournal provides me.
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