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Three hours Monday night making fairy clothespins. Tammy came over and helped some, which was nice.
Four or five hours yesterday cutting out paper shamrocks and making decorative pots. Toast came over and finished attaching the wings to the clothespins while I made the shamrock kabobs for the pots. She also drew shamrocks on the clay pots I spraypainted. I'm trying to make as much as possible for this shower to help cut down on the price (as opposed to buying decorations - not that there's a lot of Irish or fairy themed premade decorations out there anyway), but man is this time consuming!! This is the first time I've gotten online in days. I miss everyone!

At least it is fun to do. :)
I hope everything looks good for the shower!!

Tonight I decorate gift bags and make fairy wands. Huzzah!



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Sep. 25th, 2008 03:19 am (UTC)
I have no clue what I'm doing or what they are doing, so this will be interesting. Good luck with your meeting, too! I'm sure you will have a blast. I liked everyone I met at the appreciation luncheon.

Tammy said that her teachers are throwing her a bachelorette type party at Hellenbacks here in town, and we area all welcome to attend.
Sep. 25th, 2008 01:17 am (UTC)
It was fun helping ya.
Let me know what else I can do!
Sep. 25th, 2008 03:17 am (UTC)
You should SEE the baggies I made - LOL! They are actually really cute in a primitive way. I am hoping the glitter and ribbons will class them up a bit. I have four more to do. Although I consider them "done," I still want to look through the Alice room to see if I have any red or pink ribbon to jazz up a few of them. I'm taking three blank bags to work tomorrow because I want to do a celtic design on them but don't trust myself to freehand it. I did freehand three shamrock bags, three Love/heart bags, three flower bouquet bags, two wedding bell bags, one crazy fairy bag (decided NOT to try that again), and 2 1/2 of the grand prize bags (wedding dress, fairy lure, and part of the Irish blessing - just need to add the Celtic knotwork). I'm going to do one more bag for Pin the Wings on the Fairy tonight, I think. :) Then I'm gonna run out of ink!! LOL!

I just finished the pretzel rods, and they are sitting out to harden as I used WAAAAAAAAAAY too much chocolate. But you almost have to with the white to cover the brown of the pretzel. I should have done two thin layers, but nooooooo. That would have taken longer.

Monkeys is working on the Pin the Wings game - he just found a cute fairy.

Tomorrow I imagine we will finish the Pin the Wings game, and I'm going to make the rainbow for the Golden Words. I may attempt the maypoles, we'll see. Friday I'm making corned beef and cabbage and biscuits. Also, I'm going to gather dishes and stuff as she wanted to borrow some of my serving trays.

Saturday I have to go into FWB to do weigh in! Then back home again to make the veggie tray and any last minute stuff THEN head over to their house. I really need to call her mom and find out what time to be there and what they need done as I haven't actually spoken to her!!!
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