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Our friend Joe sent us the link to the Hitchhikers movie trailer and it's awesome. Was looking forward to the movie anyway, but now that the worry over what on earth they will do to one of my favorite books has subsided I'm even more excited about its release.

Sill have pink eye. Blech! But I got to actually use the Scott Baio line so something nice has come of it.

Went to a Renn Faire this Saturday and had a wonderful time. It wasn't the best faire in the world - too much concrete not enough shows BUT it was one of the prettiest sunshiny days so we had a wonderful time. I mean PERFECT weather. Sunshine but not hot, breezy but not cold and all day I was happy to be alive. Plus, I didn't spend massive amounts of money, so I was proud of me and relieved. I did get an outfit to wear to the next festival. I got the Rhonda stamp of approval when I showed it to her, so I'm extra happy. Rhonda knows. She and three of her friends were in garb that she made herself - they got lots of compliments and requests for photographs. I do not know how to turn on a sewing machine most days, but the underdress was only $10 and the overthing only $25 (as compared to the $65 and up outfits at most of the other booths) so I thought I'd probably spend that much on materials and curses. The joust was really cool - someone actually got unseated. It was scary until the knight got up and walked around and waved to the crowd. We were standing by a very vocal and friendly group so the knights and squires came over to our area to chat between times and threw us candy. Some of them even came up to us after the show and thanked us for all our cheering.

I paid for my wonderful Saturday today, though. Spent all day whiny and mostly sick (kinda like mostly dead - someone give me a chocolate coated pill. Didn't leave the house. I did start work on organizing photos. Discovered I need to buy photo albums. How come all my efforts at cleaning and organizing cost me more money than whatever I spent on the stuff I'm trying to clean and/or organize?

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