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I don't normally vote for people on the competition shows, but even if I did normally vote I could not choose from among the final 6 contestants on So You Think You Can Dance. Every routine has been remarkable tonight. I caught a rerun of last week's results show and based on that I thought I knew who I wanted in the finale, but WOW tonight's episode is phenomenal. I'm sorry I missed most of the season due to class. If they were doing this all season then I missed out on a lot. As much as I love Twitch as a person and a dancer, I think I like Mark's quirky moves in his solo and the jazz dance won me over. Joshua's sheer brilliance as a matador and the catches he did in the first dance should put him through. I think he could win. But Twitch *is* really great. His facial expressions and moves are fantastic. Grrrrr. I LOVE the tuxedos and tube socks for the hip hop conductor dance. And what a cool version of Control. As for the girls, I am having an even harder time. I guess I'd pick Courtney because her solo is really cool and that jazz routine was out of this world. Katee as the matador's cape in the pasadoble was WOWOWOWOW and her dress even more so and the song even more than that. But Chelsea is amazing and her solo was cool with her flouncy dress. Argh.

I hope this season goes up for sale since any clip on YouTube is immediately removed.


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