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household chores

Monkeys found my cell phone and the missing "walkabout" phone in the big pile o'stuff on his desk. Yay!

Also, Jolly Time Healthy Pop Kettle Corn is 3 points for an ENTIRE BAG.

My husband did a BUNCH of work today. He put up the most gorgeous ceiling fan in our bedroom and took out the wooden desks we built for the sides of our beds. Our bedroom is taking a new direction and the desks are no longer needed or appropriate, so they will be repurposed into other things. I've been going through boxes trying to clear out stuff. As big a packrat as I am, I'm terrible at this. I did throw away my high school graduation honor cords today. Overall, I think I've thrown out or recycle binned about 8 Wal-Mart bags of stuff.

Eureka marathon today. It's finally coming back on Tuesday. :)

The trip to drop Rowan off at the airport yesterday was a lot of fun. The pouring rain on the ride home was not, but the trip was worth the rain. Libra - let us know how her trip went and when she starts a LJ account. :)


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Jul. 28th, 2008 07:58 am (UTC)
hehe, you guys got a lot more done than me .... i haven't got shit done today, hehe
working almost 40 hours at the restaurant seriously killed me (wasn't voluntary, someone was away and since i was gone for 3 weeks they put me up to fill in shifts!)

tomorrow i go back to nightshift and coming week will be the only week until dragon con where i have a some time off, starting the 3rd i resume my 2nd job, so it'll be mon-wed at the restaurant and then wednesday, thursday, friday, sunday nights i'll be doing 18 hr shifts at my other job ..... need the money for dragon con and some quiet time to study for my mac tech certification

glad you guys had fun saturday and once again thanks so much for helping us out with everything ... you guys are truly the best :D
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