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Year of Living Biblically (Book TV)

Since tonight was cancelled (which was actually a blessing as I got really sick when I got home today) I thought I'd dedicate tonight to homework... but no. I'm watching BookTV. Well, darn it, there was a cool presentation on SpyCraft and we got hooked. That's over and they just did a quick interview with the author of a new book called The Year of Living Biblically (review here). Both Monkeys and I were intrigued and amused by the interview; it sounded like a great book. I had gotten as far as starting to write down the title so that I could look into buying it when the interviewer started talking to the author about his earlier book: THE KNOW IT ALL!!! Which is still sitting here beside my laptop. I loved that book. I should have recognized the author, AJ Jacobs, because he came across in person exactly as he does in text. Plus I should have recognized the writing style as his new book follows a similar design to the one I'd read. For the Know-It-All he spent a year not only reading the Encyclopedia Britannica but also meeting with real know-it-alls of all ilk to better understand the concept of "intelligence"; for this new book he spent a year trying to follow every rule or law in the Bible and spent time with various religious groups to understand their views on religion. The interviewer asked about how his family handled living with him as he wore his hair and beard according to religious law, built a hut, and attempted whatever else the Bible prescribed. His comments about his wife's endurance of the year and about how he partially did this for his son (especially knowing what I know about the birth of his son from The Know-It-All) were particularly funny. My favorite was when he said that his wife is insisting his next book involve a year of rubbing her feet. I like that idea. I would buy a copy of that book for Monkeys for Christmas.

EDIT: My favorite review of the book:
"Seeing that most people violate at least three of the ten commandments on their way to work — even people who work from home -— says a lot about the scale of A. J.'s feat. The fact that you need to buy six copies of this book to unlock the code to save all humanity...well, that's just pure genius." Ben Karlin, co-creator of The Colbert Report" and co-author of America: The Book

On another note - I was so excited tonight to spring my new haircut on everyone. So now you'll have to wait a week. :) Miss you all.



Jun. 17th, 2008 05:37 am (UTC)
I have no idea what it was I saw... sorry. :( He actually said that there were many things that were extremely hard. There were a few things he had to "Creatively" interpret because they were either impossible now, or completely conflicted by something else in the bible.

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