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For anyone on MySpace... My friend libras_art is an amazing artist in multiple medias.

One of her pieces is in a contest so she sent me the link for it. Obviously the more votes she gets the better so I'm providing the information here to advertise her abilities. Anyone can check out the work and, if inclined, follow the instructions to vote. It's under the pictures grouping called "artistforhire -vote for the cover". She's on the second page under the name "'chelle rene" (black and white, dragon on the shoulder). There are a lot of cool images to look at there, as well. Of course, I'm biased and am voting for hers... ;) Thanks!!!

INSTRUCTIONS Cut and pasted from LLL:
I have a picture that's up in a contest, for a cover to a "magazine" on artists for hire... long story short, if any of you would friend the profile the contest is on, then when you've been approved, go to the "pictures" section of said page. On the second page, at the bottom, you should find my ink drawing. Just leave a comment on it. The contest winner is the one with the most comments. Here's the link to the page you need to friend.


The profile is run by an independant scifi/fantasy magazine... great guy too...

Just to make sure it's understood... concerning the art contest I'm in... Unfortunately you have to send a friend request to the person running the profile first, then remember to check back to comment once you've been approved. Yea, it's a pain. Most of the people I know aren't "friends" with the page yet. So I don't have many votes at the moment. Sorry about the details involved with voting. =P

Thanks guys!



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Jun. 6th, 2008 03:06 am (UTC)
The guy who runs the magazine is cool, and would be a great person to friend anyway... especially for the writer/artist types. He has a great idea for his magazine. Hell! I could even use the votes! At the moment, I have to catch up to 34 (the highest at votes on another picture right now). =P
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