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Life the Universe and Everything

Yay! They have an easy "Random Journal" link!! I've missed my random journal reading. I found the most interesting people that way. And odd.

Meanwhile, were someone to randomly find my journal *right now* they would find a boring "Day in the Life" type post that means nothing to anyone who doesn't know me and isn't already interested in my life. Heck, even my friends probably aren't interested in this work and school stuff...

This was the first week for our new summer hours. We switched to Monday - Thursday 7:30 to 6:00 pm with Fridays off. Several of us are not sure about this schedule. One of my coworkers has children in preschool so she is having to take leave from 5:00 – 6:00 every day to compensate as they would not let her work through her lunch hour. She will burn through her leave very quickly. The rest of us just are not sure about the longer days. Some are worried about being tired and making stupid errors at the end of the day.I also don’t like the fact I won’t be getting home until around 6:30/7:00 pm. It is not good for my weight watchers. I tried to cook for the week in advance but it's not working. And I can't figure out how to trade one hour of exercise every day for five hours of exercise on Friday. Plus chores are proving challenging. I don’t want my Friday to be filled with nothing but laundry and dishes and vacuuming. The actual work week and extra hours haven't been bad; however, which is a good sign.

We're taking Writing & Grammar this summer. My class notes read like church music. We're diagraming sentences where people are being called all sorts of names. And I now know that in the sentence Bill called Mary a crack ho. Mary is the Direct Object and ho is the Object Complement. We love our instructor. My husband, who put up quite a fuss over it being a three hour class, commented the other day about how impressed he was that our teacher could keep the class focused, entertained, and working from 6 to 9:20. He’s pretty funny and he’s ruthless. You cannot hide in the back in his class. I already feel I’ve learned a lot – I didn’t remember appositives and object complements. I am most excited about getting to comma rules, but we are still doing parts of speech at present. Well, this week we started sentence patterns. It is affecting me. I’m using fewer exclamation points in emails; I’m catching myself singing School House Rocks songs more frequently than normal. Also, as I type or write I can hear a part of my brain thinking… Adverb, adverb pronoun verb contraction verb pronoun/subject verb verb adjective noun/direct object (preposition adjective noun/subject of the preposition)… Moreover, I’m surprised by how difficult it can be for me to decide what part of speech a word is. In my earlier sentence: as is it a preposition or adverb? It’s saying when I type or write so I’m guessing adverb. I truly don’t know. Still, I made a 100% on my first quiz and a 92% on my first paper.

* grrrrr to html and LJ codes and multiple edits just for formatting
* I need to post about the road trips (two GARF, one Wrath of Con, and some events w/friends)
* And So You Think You Can Dance is On - LOVE THIS SHOW. I'm amazed by what people can do with their bodies, it's so beautiful. I'm thinking about taking Tap Dance next semester...
* THREE Doctor Who's this weekend! Wo0T! And YouTube Saturday night with friends.
* Reading some great books right now.



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Jun. 6th, 2008 03:43 am (UTC)
Jun. 6th, 2008 07:20 pm (UTC)
hi you!!!
there are so many classes i want to take!! argh!

Monkeys and I are hoping to take Cinema Appreciation (it'll go toward a degree if he wants to get one) and I'm deciding between tap, mandolin, or educational psychology.

how much gear will i need for tap do you think?
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