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Home From GARF (and missing it already...)

Hello my lovelies! GARF was amazing as always. Everyone is so talented and incredibly *nice* and genuine and interesting. And Pub Sing is bawdy and brilliant. I wish we lived closer; I’d be there every weekend. ann_mcn – I’m so sorry I didn’t make it over to the Raven’s Nest!! We never quite trudged the entire way up that hill on the last day like we intended. I asked the Mayor to decree that everything always be downhill so that I could see everything but my request was not granted.

Despite numerous trips somehow I still have an “amazing discovery” or “new encounter” each visit – this time Sunday it was Vegetable Justice. I’m so in love with the insult comics – THEY HAVE PROPS!!!! I was waiting with baited breath to see what they were going to pull out next – the “Yo Mama” board topped the cake, however. I have named them Alan Tudyk, Johnny Osborne, Adam Sandler, and Pippi Longstocking since I can’t remember their real names (even though they did shout each other’s names quite a bit). I’m completely in love with Alan Tudyk because he called me “Ginger” and his insults were actually more like really naughty innuendos… Plus, if you hopped forward he’d let you get really close to him. That’s the only way I nearly hit him. Pippi Longstocking made fun of my hair and accused me of wearing a Hot Topic T-shirt so I’m not as fond of him; however, I recognize that was his intention ;) And it worked as in my irritation I barely hit the wall, thereby leaving him safe from harm. I did wear a Hot Topic shirt the next day just to spite him. We watched John’s entire show and he never once repeated himself. I'm in love with him, too, because he also was fresh and suggestive to me. I think all the bawdy and provocative comments that flit safely above the children's heads have finally broken me down - I am officially a wench. (What was the convent we discussed, girls?) Oh, yeah, Vegetable Justice... We also watched half of Adam Sandler and he had the best line of the day – as a goth teen walked by he did a squeaky voice impression “I’m going to marry Drakula”. She ignored him; we lost it. I also learned that children can throw really hard and really fast so I will never put myself in the tomato-men's positions. They are brave.

Monday’s new thing was street performers. Usually I’m so focused on the musicians I don’t really see much of the street performers but since we had advanced warning of a Team Evilty prank we spent a lot of the day over at the King’s Pavilion. I ended up watching a catch the ball in a cup competition, chatting with ghostly Banquo, dancing with the King’s Court (I got passed around by my favorite fop, the guy that sang “once you go Moore you never go back” at pub sing, and the King himself during Pass the Duchess), and kissed multiple times during Mayor Bullfrog and the Black Lupin’s mayoral campaign. The Lupin is quite the charmer!! Sadly, their debate was called off by the King.

But no matter how many new and exciting things we discover my favorite thing is and always will be getting to see Joni Minstrel and Three Quarter Ale perform and getting to visit with them and crazyauntjaynie and everyone else off set.

Oh, the margaritas at La Fiesta are waaaaaaaaay stronger than the ones down here, by the way. And I cannot get the chorus “but as for me, I come for to sing” out of my head.

Anyway, home safe and sound. Miss everyone. Looking forward to next year and camping in our little spot we claimed. Otherwise hope to see many of you at Dragoncon!!!


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May. 28th, 2008 12:41 am (UTC)
Sounds like a ball! I utterly understand about not going up that hill in the heat -- I wanted to see the Lipozzans, but I won't do it now. It's toon hot to hurry across the site. Yuk.

And I got to do something that I cannot talk about until next week -- mucho fun!
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