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Where there's a will...

Saw this on Neil Gaiman's LJ - he wrote about intellectual property being misused after the author passes away but I'm sure there is something similar for all the arts. Anyway, since some of my loved ones are authors, lyricists, and other creative geniuses you might want to read this article.


He mentions one of the reasons people put off writing wills is because they are afraid it opens the door a crack for Death to sneak his way in... This post is not my intention to open any doors. (Far, far from it, in fact - I want you to live forever.) It just sounded like a good idea.

Worked late a bunch this week, but tonight was not intentional. Monday was graduation so that was expected. Tuesday was to check if any rejected graduates could actually graduate then fix them so that AutoGrad worked. Wednesday we found out Autograd had a glitch so I posted all the certificates manually while they worked on fixing Autograd. I would have worked a bit later on Wednesday but I had class so I came to work early today to finish out the certificates before our system came back up. It took them all day so I caught up on "normal" work while waiting and around 4pm they said it was fixed. At 4:15 one of my coworkers popped her head in my office and said "Don't do anything in academic history for a little while, I'm running the reports. I have to run and pick up Bo and I'll be back." So I assumed when she got back she would let me know when the report was done and I could finally finish posting graduates. Around 6:20 I popped back out of my office and asked "When's she getting back? My head is killing me, I don't think I can wait much longer." The response was "What? She's already been and gone a long time ago!" I did not know if her reports were done so I was afraid to do what I had been waiting two hours to do so I packed up my stuff and went home.

Our Writing & Grammar teacher seems like he will be one of the coolest teachers I've ever had. For one thing, he looks and sounds just like Bret Blackshear. When we were walking to our car my husband looked at me and I looked at him; I said with emphasis "Bret Blackshear!" and he replied with just as much excitement, "Yes! I was hoping you'd see it, too!" This guy is also possibly nuts. He raises squirrels and talked about them quite a bit in class. He's from Kentucky so his example of how he grades grammar was stereotypical bad KY Grammar and quite funny. He warned everyone never to say "I will never be a grammar teacher" because you probably will be and it sucks. We laughed a lot in class; he was not what I was expecting. However, I know this class will be hard. Our diagnostic sample proved my comma usage is even worse than I imagined. A quick skimming of the book reminds me how little I remember about clauses. Worse, blogging has reduced my awareness, or possibly increased my acceptance, of sentence fragments, irregular punctuation and capitalization, and casual language like slang, abbreviations, and symbol usage. I need this class. I don't want to lose my appreciation for inventive writing for prose effect (I loves me some ASKII) but if I'm to move up in the academic world I had better at least master commas. He not only seems to know his grammar, he seems to be passionate about when he is in full grammar teacher mode. When he's not in grammar teacher mode he seems to be a really fun guy. Oh, but he hates !!!!! unnecessary !!!! exclamation !!!!! marks !!!! Unfortunately, I ended my diagnostic introductory paragraph with "Sorry for my handwriting!!!" It was not a part of my essay - it was clearly a post script added because my handwriting really was atrocious and I felt bad. But he counted it with my errors since I hit on a pet peeve and it's in with my assigned corrections for the week. LOL!!!!!!!!



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May. 16th, 2008 05:43 pm (UTC)
Interesting. Something to keep in mind.
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