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Long Day

It's been a long long long day.

First - grades were due in by today so the phones were off the hook with calls from students wanting to know when they could check their grades. So increase in number of phone calls.

Second - classes start on Wednesday and we're in the last week (and two days) of registration so loads of frantic kids trying to get into classes before they start. Doesn't matter they've waited until the last minute and shouldn't expect to be able to do everything in one day with out any problems or issues BUT THEY DO.

Third - it's my week to "help with the counter" so that the front line staff don't have to be alone during lunch. From 11-12 D goes, from 12-1 B goes, from 1-2 C goes - so that there should always be two people to work the counters. Or at least, that's the plan but no one is able to leave on time. During registration, though, they don't like it being down to just two because it's stupid busy right now. So it does make sense that someone help them out when it's busy. But it also means I don't get a lunch! So at 10:45 I had to shove a hot dog down my throat quick like a bunny to be able to man the counters.

Forth - tonight was our graduation ceremony! Which is always exciting, but it makes for a long and complicated day. I got home around 8 tonight and was lucky, because while most of us got to head home after our responsibilities were carried out there were 6 that had to stay for the entire ceremony to help out afterwards. I felt really guilty leaving when I did, but I also was too shy to roam up to the front of the stage area where the six were sitting after I finished my official duties.

Instructors have to get their "grade changes" in for any incomplete grades from last fall. I get them all throughout the semester but at semester's end they come in by the droves so I go from doing maybe 5 or 10 a week to getting 20-30 a day. So that's all I got done today of my normal duties. Between being at the counter for 3 hours and sorting the mail (which I don't normally do but the person who does is also in charge of making sure all the grades get in so she was *super* busy) and all the ceremony stuff that pulled me away I got nothing done of my normal stuff except for the grade changes. But they are the most time sensitive so I gave them priority. Tomorrow I start on checking to see if applicants met graduation requirements. I'm curious because usually that means I get shut up on my office with my door shut so as not to be disturbed by people or phones - I can move through them more quickly that way. (Students are depending on their degrees to post so they can get into their universities so they like for this to be done as quickly as possible while still being accurate.) I usually work two 10 hour days w/o interruptions and get it done. But if I'm working the counter for three hours plus out of every day and have class Wednesday night so that I cannot work late that night it means this will take at least five days... I don't think they will like that. I'm curious what they will say to me tomorrow. Another of my wonderful coworkers offered to pull my shift on counter duty to let me focus on graduation, she's so awesome. No matter what or how I have to get it done this week because next Monday I have jury duty which may or may not last all week while they select their jury. Wednesday is Kids on Campus registration and I'll be all day in the back doing that if I'm not at the courthouse so that day is out for regular work, too. Blah blah blah. Anyway, work is crazy right now.

On the bright side - my celery stalker left amazing chicken tenders - sooooo good - and beans. So I actually ate dinner when I got home, which I wasn't expecting to get to do and that was nice.



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May. 13th, 2008 08:04 pm (UTC)
tell me about it
we did crazy sales monday and the boss was freaking out as usual
after i left work i felt like someone had ran me over with horses (yuck) and dragged me across the land!
ask your husband where and how he found me when he got home
i was PASSED out ... i don't even remember going in that room to pass out
monday's are stupid .... and i can't wait for this semester to be OVER
i don't what i was thinking taking a carpentry class along with my work which is pretty freakin physically demanding (i hate being on my feet all the time)

anyway, thx for allowing me to your place, it really makes things MUCH easier (napping in the car is just not the same, hehe)

also allows me to respond to your posts

see and check if your friendly neighborhood CS left anything today

May. 14th, 2008 03:09 am (UTC)
horses suck
LOL - yeah, he told me about finding you crashed out in the Alice room :)
you are my goldylocks! sleeping in our beds, using our computer, eating our porridge! :)
cannot wait for the next few weeks to be over!!! will you have the summer off?

EDIT: okay - the paragraph below i wrote and afterwards it occured to me no one but me or a fellow college employee would get because of the vocabulary. but i went to the effort of typing it so i'm leaving it. i'm making no sense, i'm sleepy, i'm going to bed!!!

today was a 10+ hour day again but I got 8 out of 10 pages done on my AA kids plus at least looked at all my Bach transcripts (even managed to get a few entered and folders pulled). one of my coworkers did most of my grade changes for me (cuz she's an angel-and i did the mail for her Monday) so between the two of us those got done. plus I got grades posted for my Education people to get a head start on them - those are what i want to be doing but i have to get the AA's done first. sigh! well, i'm hoping to finish the report and get grads posted/done by Thursday so that I can do my Education people Friday. i've already gotten calls from two of them - they are more anxious than the potential graduates.
May. 14th, 2008 03:33 am (UTC)
Re: horses suck
goldylocks!? .... hey now
she was trespassing, i think the bears should have killed her and had her for dinner instead, hehe.

yes i do pass out in your house, but that's not my fault, it's quiet, it's cool and it's cosy (smells good too) :D

computer? .... what computer? .. i don't use the computer, must be the guy who leaves food behind in your house :D

porridge! .... you have PORRIDGE!? ...... where?
last time i raided your fridge i didn't find any :D
(just kidding, purses, wallets and fridges are the few things i NEVER open unasked)


hope your week gets better towards the weekend
cause you promised that i'll have fun this weekend .... so damn it, we're gonna have us some fun

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