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My fingers hurt for typing! Well, not hurt exactly. They just feel funny. I let my mandolin go for a semester and forgot just about everything. So last night and tonight I dug it out and practiced. Tonight I actually tuned first! Wo0t! But I got all numbly after only 45 minutes so I'm stopping. Toast - I did Swallowtail Jig, Salmon Tails, Fisher's Hornpipe, Drowsie Maggie, & Star of the County Down. If I do this Thursday and Friday I think I could actually play with you on Sat/Sunday without making your ears bleed. Otherwise I should *definately* be ready for Sunday after next. Actually, maybe we should be Sunday after next...I'm still sucking pretty hard. Getting better all the time, though. (better, better, better, getting so much better all the time... I have no Beatles songs in my book! How is that possible?)

I also did some scales just because and tried some chords. I suck at chording. Why does that have to be so hard? Why can't people just pick up an instrument and be able to play? It always looks so effortless when the peoples are doing it on stage. Grrrrr peoples with all the talent. Humph.

I did some yard work tonight. I think I put in an hour and a half on chopping up some more branches. Our yard is still a landmine. Good thing my husband is exEOD. ;)

On another note, I need to dig out my copy of Jesus Christ Superstar and listen to that tomorrow. I forgot how great the music for that show. I'm sorry Carly is going home. I thought she rocked that song.

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