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So Sore! Long post about yardwork...

We should not have let our yard get into such bad shape anyway BUT we took some steps today to make it better. We worked pretty much non-stop today!

Back Yard - When we bought the house eight years ago there was a lattice frame with honeysuckle and jasmine vines along the side of our back porch. It got totally overgrown plus it kind of broke. So a few years ago we cut back all the vines (Toast helped) and bought new lattice and put it near the old lattice and left it there with the intention of putting it up "later". The vines grew around both of them. We're not "outside" people.

Anyway, today Mom and I cut back all the vines and my dad chainsawed the little trees that grew up alongside it so that the old lattice was able to be taken down. It was a lot of work. Four giant lawn bags worth of vines are gone. Still the yard is strewn with vines and branches and the old lattice piece. Monkeys built a cool new lattice-work piece and secured it deeper in the ground and further out from the house so that when the vines grow back (and they will) they won't try to grow into our house like before. Over the next few weeks we will be clearing the lawn debris; our new garbage collection people are extremely fussy and only take up a certain number of bags at at time and branches have to be cut to a specific length and bundled a certain way or they either won't pick them up or will charge a fine.

Front Yard - The former owners laid out a rock garden (?) and planted two popcorn trees in the front yard. Popcorn trees are bad, invasive and they sprout like mad. We cut the trees down but can't get rid of them. Weed all you like, the trees come back - a small army of seedlings. For years we talked about digging up all the rocks and then taking out the dirt that is there and replacing it with all new and popcorn tree-free dirt and rocks or plants of our choice. Today we started on that, too. Why we started two huge projects on the same day I don't know. We did a lot but you can't tell it. Monkeys dug out around one of the stumps and tomorrow will be hooking a chain to it and attempting to pull it from the ground with his jeep - LOL! I spent a few hours sifting rocks through a sieve Monkeys made. So phase one, I guess. The getting the stuff out will be the hard part, dumping rocks back in will be easy - yay! I'm hoping this will be done by the end of next weekend.

Other Stuff We also planted some sweet basil, Italian parsley, thyme, hot cherry peppers, hot banana peppers, jalepenos, and sweet banana peppers. Went for lunch with my parents and I got sushi - yay! Plus, Monkeys made ginger scones for desert so we ended the day with hot tea and scones while he played ukulele for us. Now Dad wants a ukulele! Mom said she'd get him one for his birthday.

So loads left to do yet but we've finally made a start. I'm going to be spending an hour a day after work working on cleaning out the back yard. After Hurricane Ivan it took about two weeks to clear out downed branches so I'm thinking about that time frame... Wish us luck!

Lattice Frame Lattice Frame
Monkeys did a really nice job with this. I took the picture at night from a funny angle so it doesn't do it justice. He did double layors of boards with lattice inbetween so it is really super stable (unlike what was there before). He used some cool metal edge pieces, too. You can see the old lattice frame on the right plus loads of branches and vines. I wish I had a before picture. This was solid honeysuckle and jasmine vines from top to bottomon a larger frame and three small trees where the little stumps are on the bottom right.
Sur La Branche Sur La Branche
Just a few of the little tree trunks and vines littering our yard. Again, wish i'd taken a picture during the day so you could see it better.
The Flowers are Pretty The Flowers are Pretty
This used to be loads of river rocks and two popcorn trees all along the length of half our front porch. Maybe half the rocks are in a little wagon now as we sift out the popcorn seeds and weeds and other junk. Monkey's is working on getting rid of the stumps. You cannot tell this from the picture but there is a hole around the stump about two feet deep all around exposing the evil roots. Well, some of the roots. I think they got all the way to China. Srsly.

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