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make you laugh

Go here... read this.

If you don't already read xkcd you should, but we'll ignore that for now.
Meanwhile, if you are a fan of Firefly or the Sarah Conner Chronicles or are Eric you will really like this one.

Wednesday was great! My parents and I went to Panama City to my fake-brother's restaurant Trigo and it is a great place! I had bad timing, though, and he wasn't there so guess that means we'll just have to go back... They don't have a webpage but this is another guy's page Trigo Supergood food, supergood bread. We also tromped around PC for the day, which was fun. Then that night mom and I went to reddheaded's place for a party (woot!).

Yesterday my mom came over and we worked from 9 to 5 on organizing my closet, the hall closet, the front door closet, and my desk. Basically we took everything out and stuck it on the floor and looked at the mess and lost my confidence in the doability (yeah - that's a word, darn it) but we stuck with it and when she left at five it looked like NOTHING changed. Sigh. But actually our closets do look better and I donated three boxes of clothes and a bag of coathangers to Goodwill plus threw out or burned five bags of junk (games missing pieces, old receipts & bills I'd kept for years, worn out shoes, etc.) This is just a start, though. Tomorrow I will be doing a second go-through of the stuff in my room (old movie tickets, old play tickets, letter from friends, bills/receipts I still saved) and maybe get it better organized. OH - and I have a horribly embarrassing but very funny story about my mom helping me clean my room...

But that will come later if I write about it. And this entry is kinda boring I know but I don't have much time. Redd, Toast, & Droid will be here any minute. We're going on a search for costume pieces today. I'm hoping to get some Kim Possible boots and backpack and maybe some Old Greg stuff (which is unlikely at an Army Navy store but we'll see!).



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Apr. 4th, 2008 11:33 pm (UTC)
After reading thru this kinda boring post (see paragraph 4) i have determined that it is friday night and i need something to do while waiting on the season 4 premier of battle star gallactica. so i found myself at home play WoW PvPing on top of course as i always am listening to me teamates bitch and moan about stun and roots and OP Druids. I hope the gang is getting together tomorrow for lori's b-day. I know i haven't been up the past couple weeks, shame on me. But i do love how april didn't forget me (see subsection 1).

-Summer Glau

PS don't forget the new season of sarah conner terminator chronlies on fox.
Apr. 7th, 2008 03:24 am (UTC)
i already told you in person that you are BRILLIANT
but i wanted to stress that i said that because i meant it and not because you could kill me with your brain.
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