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Leaves and Sunshine.

Yesterday I was going for my usual lunchtime walk around the campus and saw some birds skipping about chasing each other around the pavement ahead of me. It made me smile. Until I got closer and realized they were leaves. Then I felt kind of dumb but it made me giggle. And I wrote a haiku.

Whirligig wind blows.
Dried leaves flitter and swirl like
finches playing tag.

Of course, at the time I didn't think about a whirligig being a torture device. Oh, well. It’s been really cold here in the mornings. I’m even in a huge sweater as I type this. But the sun has been shining and despite the cold winds it is lovely. We don’t really have a lot of floral expression for the changing of the seasons down here in Florida but there are a few trees in bloom and the azaleas are flaming and bursting so I know despite the frost I keep having to scrape off my windshield in the mornings that Spring is coming.

Unfortunately it's followed by summer – which I hate. What is an inverted Snowbird? That’s what I want to be when I retire. I'm moving to Canada in the summers to establish a place to move to once Global Warming hits full force. (Until we get another Ice Age – unless somehow they cancel each other out.)

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While searching for pictures of leaves I found a beautiful poem site:

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