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Mini 12th Night review

We got to see Twelfth Night last Wednesday at the college. I cannot praise magnet5 enough for his performance as Malvolio. It was haughty when it needed to be and outrageously funny when it needed to be and yet during the reading of Olivia’s letter he became so tender and hopeful that the audience let out a huge awwwwwwwwwwwww as he left stage because we were all so sad for him not knowing it was all a trick. The physical comedy was exceptional – truly exceptional. Olivia was amazing, Viola was soooo cute in her little mustache and manly stance and posturing (when she sat she spread her legs wide!). And her deep voice was also really cute. Sebastian was the biggest hoot; we did impressions of him all that night. (How do you spell Mweor! ?) And Feste was particularly cool in her Beatnik bongo deliveries and her expressions. Maria had great expressions as well. The Knight and Toby did drunken exceptionally well, I’m not sure that the Knight wasn’t actually drunk. Also, one of my former students played Fabian and she did a great job, too!! Her expressions in the background while action was going on in the foreground were superb. If I weren’t going on a road trip and taking pottery I would have gone back multiple nights. I’m so sad I only got to see it once!!!! We didn’t get home until crazy late so it made for a late night. Oh – and we met LLL and the others for dinner at a place called A Taste of NY before the show and that was fun, too. I love my friends. (This being a happy post I won’t get into it but of course I’m not forgetting about your friend Tickmosis and we are still thinking about you.)

Ummmm. I should have written more because it deserves a MUCH better write-up and I would like to preserve some memories (like Sebastian with his shirt buttoned wrong and one pant leg up above his knee collapsing in a daze onto a bench after leaving Olivia's boudoir, or his perfectly timed "oh" after she shoved his head into her bosom; Magnet's garters! and Maria's jumping on his back; OMG the crying scene between Sebastian and Antonio; Feste's "song" while the others played bongos and rang a deskbell). Magnet has some comments over on his myspace

Oh, and mcamason if you have any favorite scenes to add please do so. Tammy & Shawn aren't on LJ so can't ask them. Plusfreemonkeys never posts anything :(


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Mar. 22nd, 2008 10:34 pm (UTC)
I know it's not the same as seeing it live again, but I will be be getting a DVD of the show.

Thanks for the compliments, I'll spread them to the other cast members. You guys were far and away the best audience we've had.
Mar. 25th, 2008 03:11 am (UTC)
i would LOVE to see the video!!!!! that would be so cool - I mentioned it to John and he wants to watch it, too. :)
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