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Atlanta or Bust!!

Okay, I really missed LJ yesterday! LOL! I'm such an addict. Not like I could have posted anyway, it's been a busy busy week. I'm curious what people hear about the strike and if it had any effect.

If you want to hear about my week ...

MONDAY – Double hit for me! I was hit by BOTH the Celery Stalker and the Lobster Serial Killer. Apparently the lobster had been there since Sunday and I hadn’t noticed… The Celery Stalker left some really good beans!!! OMG!!! I will endure the presence of celery for BBQ beans!!! Yum!! I meant to thank him but I’ve been so busy this week I didn’t get it out yet. So THANK YOU!!

I met Redd, Toast, & Droid at Applebees Monday night to show them the designs for the Skullcrusher Mountain t-shirts and by the time I got home I just didn’t get a chance to post. (The daiquiri probably didn’t help…)

TUESDAY – pottery!!! I’m doing a lot of Celtic designs and am pleased with them, hope they don’t crack. Plus I glazed my moon. My teacher made a weird face so I’m not sure how that’s going to turn out. I told him I was going for the look of impact craters and he nodded and said that would probably do it. Then American Idol took up the rest of my night (Beatles, I must watch).

WEDNESDAY – the play!!!! 12th Night was so well done and so funny. I'll do a tiny babble in a separate post.

THURSDAY - pottery!! I tried the wheel for the first time. Next week is our last week for new projects so I have two more days to try the wheel. I don’t know that I made enough stuff for everyone to get a Christmas present but please know I tried! They do not always turn out…if you know what I mean. I am hoping to take this class again in the future so there may be more. We were there extra late Thursday; we actually got kicked out. Then I thought I lost my wedding ring (panic) had to bake a brownie for a work luncheon, do a ton of laundry, and start packing for the ROAD TRIP!!

FRIDAY - Awesome lecture on breeding striped rabbits at the Science lecture today. Luncheon. And tonight we’ll be ironing shirts for the road trip!!! Coulton tomorrow!!!!

SATURDAY - we leave for Atlanta!! Jonathon Coulton!!!! Squeeeeeeeeeee!!! My girls!!!!! Wheeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!

Happy Easter to everyone!!!

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