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Beatles Night on Idol, Who0t!! (Again)

So my least favorite performer did my most favorite song (You've Got to Hide Your Love Away). I didn't think she was as awful as the judges seemed to think. Or maybe it's because she was sooooo much better than the bluegrass nightmare from last week. Don't get me wrong, it did not lead to a standing ovation from me, but I didn't get growly. She should have done Rocky Raccoon if she likes country. Or Don't Pass Me By.

Hey, wait. Did MLR just say her favorite song was You've Got to Hide Your Love Away?

Yes, those of you who know me well will say "I thought your fave Beatles song was Dear Prudence" Others will say "I thought your fave Beatles song was A Day in the Life." Still others will say "I thought your fave Beatles song was In My Life." Well you are all right. I have about 5 or 6 songs that are my absolute favorite Beatles song ever of all times and then the rest of them, except one, fall loosely into what I call "my second favorite Beatles song". Then there's Good Night from the White Album which is pretty much my least favorite Beatles song.

Michael John sang A Day in the Life - my favorite Beatles song - and normally I like him. He wasn't great but he wasn't awful. And that David kid did an amazing rendition of The Long and Winding Road. That did get a standing ovation. Oh, but I hated rocker chick's Back in the USSR So the score so far is one "YAY!!!", two "I won't kill anyone", and one "please make it stop".

Hey, Brooke is doing one of my favorite Beatles songs (possibly my favorite...) Here Comes the Sun and not destroying it. Kinda country but pretty much in tune so long as I don't actually look at her. She's doing weird things. It wasn't bad it just wasn't good. It could have been good, I think the potential was there. Did I mention I'm going to marry George Harrison in heaven. Well I am.

David Cook did a phenomenal (do doo da do da) version of Eleanor Rigby so I have high hopes for this. Day Tripper - my second favorite Beatles song - done in tune with a cool instrument background and strong beat and a voice box (LOL!). Clearly Beatles but not a clone. Score!! Now it's up to two "YAY!!!!"s. And he played his own guitar.

Okay, three "yay"s after Carly's Blackbird being very melodic and especially for her rationale for picking that song. Plus, if people were naming Beatles songs I'm sure that one comes up a lot so it's good that one got sung.

I like Jason Castro's voice, I really do. I think it has a beautiful quality to it - i can't think of the word not whimsical, haunting, ethereal. But something like that. And he smiles nice and seems really sweet. So he did okay with Michelle. His French was great! But was it faster than I'm used to? I don't normally bounce when I sing along with it. Something about it wasn't quite right so it's not a "yay" but it's a qualified "good!".

I hated Syesha's versoin of Got to Get You Into My Life last week because it was too trumpety/Chicago. This week I think her Yesterday was shakey. She was in tune but she sounded hesitant or something. Not quite "please kill me now" but I did flinch a little a few times. At least it was a Paul song! LOL! Probably everyone will like it... yep. So far they do. They are calling it "vulnerability". Even Simon said that will keep her in the competition. Sigh. She sounded better in the playback - but they can pick the best part of the song for that.

I'm in awe of Chickeze (sp!!!) though - he was one of my least favorites (possibly because he seemed to argue wtih the judges to me) but when he hit Beatles weeks I've totally changed my mind about him. It's weird doing the style switchouts in the songs but having said that his initial part of my favorite song I've Just Seen A Face was kinda Motowny or something yet I did not hate it (which is big coming from me) and the last part I really liked. It is a good song for country and despite Simon's comments the Beatles were quite harmonica driven when they started out so I thought it was a kind of homage or something. I loved his energy.

Everyone's sounding kind of country to me tonight! Ramiele's version of Should Have Known Better was really country sounding to me. It wasn't great but it wasn't awful. I thought she was off key a lot but none of the judges seemed to agree. I agree with Simon it was kind of amateur. To me it was kind of "pop rock". Well, "pop rock/country" somehow. Just a little to upbeat and young. Or maybe I'm just thrown because she changed the melody some so she wasn't off key - just off the song playing in my head. But she is so cute and so sweet and so darn likeable.

And what happened to Paula? She's giving really constructive comments this season!!! And she's not always positive, she's saying some negatives but constructively.

EDITED like mad because I couldn't get my tags right and because I was writing as I was watching. Also I stopped in the middle to make coffee.

Oh - I made my own version of Corned Beef and Cabbage for St Pat's day and it was soooo good! So easy, too. I steamed some cabbage and carrots. I boiled some Red Potatoes with salt. (Cuz I know how to do that.) Then I got a tin of that awful canned Corned Beef and mixed it in with the cabbage, smushed that in a casserole dish and mixed in some dried mustard and more fresh ground pepper. I put the carrots and the potatoes on top and baked it all to kind of get the flavor of the beef in with everything else and bam - easy peasey corned beef and cabbage. Mom and I had gotten some Irish Soda Bread at Publix (not as good as the stuff magnet5 makes - he does amazing stuff!!) that I was worried about because it was really fruitcakey but it was really good together! Yay!


Mar. 19th, 2008 12:16 pm (UTC)
LOL! I love you!!! It's pretty much the only grammar rule I always get right and I even got THAT one wrong last night! *sigh*

Death to Commas!!

Hey - did you know the Anarchy symol is an A inside and O?? I just learned that yesterday. Supposedly it stands for Anarchy is Order but they borrowed it from Alchemists (I may be wrong on that) where it stood for Alpha & Omega. John's response was "Oh, I thought it stood for your leftover food."

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