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WHY would I dream this???

So last night I dreamt that Toaster was still working in our Financial Aid Office. I can’t recall specifically that she did anything in the dream except be in the office working. The Assistant Registrar (henceforth referred to as AR) was back in the Registrar's office which was rotated 180 degrees. So the world was already backwards. The AR had hired the guy that played Mini-Me in Austin Powers to do some promotional work for us. I was talking to him, dropped down on my knees, and I kept saying the wrong things. I don’t quite remember, but I know I brought up the Surreal Life and peeing in the corner (oops!) and how everyone seemed to have really bonded on the show. He got kind of sad looking and he said something like “on camera, maybe, but off camera I always felt left out” (which I don’t think is true from interviews I’ve heard). So I insulted him and made him sad. Then I was helping him fill out a form and I mentioned the fact AR had invited other celebrities which, of course, gave the impression he wasn’t our first choice so I had to back pedal. I saw AR's eyes get really big at my screw up and she also tried to spin it. Argh. But in my dream he liked me and we were flirting – I don’t know if I liked him back or if I was just feeling guilty about some of the other things I’d said so I was trying to make up for it. Regardless, I had a vaguly romantic dream about mini-me.

There was a lot of other office stuff happening but that’s lost and faded now. There was some kind of action adventure superhero and/or spy thing going on. I know Toaster did talk to Mini Me but I don’t remember much about that, either. I do know that I woke up before Mini Me and I kissed but it looked like that was the way the dream was heading!!!!!!! *Sigh*



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Mar. 15th, 2008 03:23 am (UTC)
We had a 'little person' come into the store two days ago, she was really cool. We talked for a little while. She had a great sense of humor and I was having so much fun talking to her I hated to see her go. She says she loves halloween. She can hide in small places and scare people. You know like under the bed and grabbing their ankles. I thought that was awesome. He father was out in the car sleeping. She said he was her bitch today.

I liked her alot.
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