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Remember the coolest counselor in the world from the Duck post yesterday? This is what he sent me today... The title of his email was "The Ultimate Peepshow".
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I'm so tired. My new job plus the pottery class plus social life have taken a bit of a toll and I'm exhausted. But on the bright side droidgirl's mom gave me a peppercorn cheese ball tonight at a Mary Kay party so life is beautiful. There is nothing like going to a Mary Kay party where the four people in the room (including the host) do not wear makeup because they do not like makeup. That poor MK Consultant!! She put on a good show and everyone was really polite. We actually had a good time because she was animated and we enjoy each others company. However, I'm sure it was like pulling teeth for her. Lots of blank stares, poor girl.

OH! And it's pi day!!! (3/14) So I ate pie today! Droid's mom made mini pecan pies for Droid's party, too. She's a really good cook!!!

And because I'm an idiot...
I had read in either New Scientist or Space.com about the revised mnemonic (I’m calling it a newmonic) for the order of the planets now that Pluto was downgraded to “dwarf planet” and Ceres and Eris got upgraded to dwarf planets. Since the My Very Educated Mother… one no longer works National Geographic held a competition for school-aged kids to write a new one. But apparently it’s not a very good mnemonic for me because I keep forgetting it. I think my problem is it’s so similar to the old one that once I start the “My Very” I’ve traveled the old path so often I lapse into autopilot. I’m envisioning one of those train rail switches in movies when there is someone on the track and the hero is pushing with all his might on the lever to switch the tracks and avoid catastrophe. I can’t get my lever switched. So today I googled it to review it and couldn’t find the initial article I read, instead I got it from Wired and am sharing the link because I think it’s awesome that Wired is quoting Wikipedia as their source for the definition of dwarf planet. Ha! We just got an ALL_FACULTY and ALL_ADJUNCTFACULTY email link to an article about Wikipedia that sparked a pro/con use of Wikipedia in the college classroom debate. I was always okay with it as a starting point for research and even okay with it being used as one source in a multiple source paper/speech so long as the student recognized that the information may not always be correct, it was either verified or balanced with more valid/reliable sources, and/or it was not used for main arguments but to add interest. The article mentioned the trade off of “more current (in fact, sometimes to the minute)” versus “reliability” and suggested ways of using Wiki’s in the classroom as well as teaching how to assess the information. It was a good article.

And, for those curious about the new planet order mnemonic, the Wired article also talks about the girl who won the National Geographic competition– ten year old Maryn Smith of Great Falls, Montana suggestion was "My Very Exciting Magic Carpet Just Sailed Under Nine Palace Elephants."

For some reason I can’t keep the "carpet" or the “sailed under” in my head. I want to say “showed us” and a carpet can't really show you something so I forget the C word and spend so much time trying to remember the mnemonic that I actually forget the planet order I do know. Alas.

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