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Check it out - I got listed in the credits of Urban Tapestry for contributing to their song Come Down to GAFilk :)

So today I got into what the police called a Three Car Collision. I'm okay, my car's okay, and nobody else was hurt. I was stopped at a red light and the cars behind me didn't particularly want to. It was rainy. When you are sitting there hearing the squealing of tires behind you and watching several cars reeling into the median while you sit there helpless to move or do anything it's not a fun feeling. I prayed really hard the guy behind me would stop in time - and he did!! I was sitting there STUNNED and relieved when the car behind him did not stop in time and his getting smashed propelled his car forward into mine. He tapped my back. He tapped that. Yep. But VW's are very sturdy, it appears, and neither of us had any damage. His bumper was massively dented by the car behind him and her front in was smashed up. Everyone cleared out when the light changed but us. I should have gone on but I stopped to make sure everyone was okay. An unmarked sherriff arrived literally in seconds and told me I was not allowed to leave. Then three police showed up because someone told them a semi was involved! LOL! So two of them left after I explained the semi was in the other lane and not at all involved. The police were really super nice! The kid that tapped me was in high school and not stressing at all - I was impressed. But I think it was probably good that I was there and friendly and encouraging anyway, maybe that helped him to be not stressed. But it did take 45 minutes out of my day when I was supposed to be getting ready for the gingerbread party tonight.

Now I'm not really worried about the party. I should be cleaning or something but after an afternoon of thinking about what might have been and seeing cars doing STUPID things after the accident and wondering how there are not more collisions I'm kind of over being Martha Stewart tonight.

Meanwhile I've accidently eaten two of John's gingerbread men and THEY ARE FANTASTIC. And the stew that I made is REALLY REALLY GOOD so I'm excited. People should be arriving in about 3 hours. Guess I will get out of my chair and start getting some of the food prep done... Oh, I'll mix colors for the frosting! Yay! :)


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Dec. 17th, 2007 09:59 pm (UTC)
Those gingerbread cookies were AWESOME!! I loved the cookies you created!

Were you going to post cookie pictures this year?
Dec. 18th, 2007 03:40 am (UTC)
i love your Christmas icon!!

YOUR cookies were brilliant!!

totally going to post pictures (well, except the ones I did of Chelle & Raven ;)
i just have to find my card reader so i can get them off my camera. sigh!
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