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i watch way too much tv

I'm watching the victoria secret catwalk thing and am actually leaning in really closely and watching how the models are walking to see how they compare to America's Next Top Model and Project Runway. I am really curious to see what about their walk makes them a "star" or an angle or and angel or whatever they are. I realized I'm concentrating quite hard! It surprised and amused me.

I'm judging the clothes, too - like how they are flowing, what they do with their hats or props, how the wings are being handled, etc. and trying to figure what the model is doing to accentuate the clothing itself. (One of the things they preach on those shows is that a good model makes a burlap bag look good, either by holding a hand to their hip to give it some shape or making it twirl or something to give the impression it's a dress and not a sack. I swear I actually saw them do that exercise with a burlap sack, it was interesting.)

I have no idea how they manage the gravely runway in the shoes they wear - it's impressive. I would totally kill myself.

Anyway, back to the show. My ever so knowledgeable judgment is that this is commercial (duh!) and not haute couture because the models are waaaay to flirty and to sexy. I think Tyra would get on to some of those girls as hoochie. :)

But its fun and the music is great and the lighting is great and some of the corsets and outfits (EDIT especially the animal prints and the little surrealism art inspired ones) are really cool.
I've found three pairs of boots that I really really want.
When did I turn into this girl?

(BTW - Seal's outfit is more sparkly than Heidi's. She's singing with him right now. A bit surreal...)


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