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College Success Success!

Two more classes until the end of the semester and I'm happy and sad about that. Happy because loads of free time to read books and a return to movie nights with friends and I can take yoga and pottery in the evenings. :) But sad because I really do enjoy teaching and coming up will lessons and activities.

If I taught more than once every two years I think I could be a good teacher! I had three very nice things happen last night. One student told me that when she's taking traits from me and her math instructor when she gets her own classroom. Another asked if I taught anything else besides this class. I didn't ask her why because it meant I could believe it's because she intended to enroll in another class with me - LOL. And another student told me that the planner (calander/day runner) I gave them at the beginning of the year and have been making them use has been a lifesaver to her and that the goals activity I made them do made a huge change in her life. Yay!! Makes me feel like my class actually makes a difference. I'm really proud and pleased of my group of students this year.

They have to do presentations as a part of the class, I'm trying to help with fear of public speaking and getting used to talking in public (making eye contact, gestures, voice control, intro/body/conclusion, etc.) and last night was an awesome presentation about a certain on-line community. So MySpace and Dungeons & Dragons and other interesting and unusual topics. I'm always amazed at what they come up with.


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