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Which pumpkin is coolest? (Not saying ANY of them are cool - but of the choices presented -
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So far I've made sweet and unsweet tea, the mashed potatoes (I mash them then I bake them so they're like twice baked potatoes - which means they get baked tomorrow) and I made Dad's sugarfree butterscotch pie (like he'll skip the other desserts - ha!). John is right now making a pumpkin cheesecake. And Mom bought a pecan pie and a pumpkin pie. So I'm sure he'll be "good" and remember the diabetes and the heart attack from last July and limit himself to the sugar free/fat free pie.

It does affect your Thanksgiving when your dad has a heart attack in the months proceeding. I'm doing steamed veggies (broccoli, carrots, mushrooms, peppers, zuchini, & squash) and salad as side dishes instead of the creamed spinach and corn cassarole and chicken/dumplings we normally do.

Not being totally healthy, though. I'm making a cornbread pork sausage stuffed apple dish. It's got apples so it is loosely being called "healthy". And I did make mashed potatoes cuz that's a Thanksgiving law - but I used less butter (1/2 butter and some Butter Buds to add flavor) and I used fat free cream cheese. Mom's making sweet potato casserole. I have no excuses for that. It's excessive and yummy. John's making some Alton Brown green bean casserole and God only knows what's in that. I'm not going near it.

Can't wait for tomorrow!! Gots to clean some tonight. This is the first year we have bunches at our house.

Hey! Zander is on Criminal Minds playing a geeky guy. His hair is hideous!! He's so cute :)

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