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bling bling

droidgirl had a Premier party tonight and I got to bring my relatives who are visiting from up-state New York and from California. They had a good time! disbandedtoastr brought her guitar at my request and did a couple of Jonathon Coulton songs for my grandmother (who is a drummer in a band, has been for over sixty years now, since she was in her 20's). Droid had crazy amounts of food - yay! reddheaded had some new games and Lynn, (my I'm going to say cousin), crushed us. I was really excited about introducing her because she goes to Comic*con and I thought she would fit in great with our group. Toast and Redd told the Flaming Bunny story (I need to make THAT icon). It was so nice getting to show my friends off to my favorite relatives from up north.

I got to show off some of the jewelry I got from when Toast and I had our party. We made mad amounts of bling. I am VERY shiny right now. I think I've advanced beyond crow and actually can be considered a pirate at this point.

Now, I'm sleepy. Tomorrow I will be cleaning girl, then biker chick, then hanging out with relatives, then Chef. Thankfully, I have appropriate jewelry for each persona...


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Nov. 21st, 2007 01:28 pm (UTC)
Where in upstate NY? *I'm* in upstate NY = )
Nov. 21st, 2007 05:08 pm (UTC)
hey! where in NY are you??

my aunt/uncle are in canastota (sp?) which is near syracuse
my grandmother is now in ogdensburg which is near NOTHING as far as i'm concerned! LOL!
but actually, it's not far from Alex Bay which i think is a tourist destination so you may have heard of that. plus it's near fort drum army base which is probably pretty well known.

and it's gorgeous there.
canastota is very close to cassanovia (sp) where there is a beautiful waterfall - i love going there.
ogdensburg is RIGHT on the St Lawrence Seaway so every morning when i'm there i get to go stick my hand in the water and watch the boats go by and wave at Canada.

i keep saying when i'm rich some day (ha) i'm going to get a campsite on the st lawrence and just sit on rocks all the day long :)
Nov. 21st, 2007 08:33 pm (UTC)
I have a friend outside of Syracuse in Baldwinsville, but that's about 3 hours west of me. I'm on the NY/VT border, a little north of Albany, nestled between the Adirondack Mtns to the north, and the Green Mtns of VT to the east. I actually work in Bennington, VT, and have about a 35-40 min commute, half in NY, half in VT.

Believe it or not, I am familiar with Ogdensburg, we have close friends of the family who now live in Canton, but used to live in DeKalb Junction, and for them, Ogdensburg was "in town" or "the city." We spend every other Easter up there (every Easter together with them, alternate travelling). It IS gorgeous there = )

I always wonder when people say "upstate" NY, because so many people consider anything an hour out of NYC to be "upstate" but to me, if you can commute to NYC, you ain't "upstate." I'm only half way up, although I don't often (ever) do it, it's nice to be able to do either NYC or Montreal as a day trip (4 hr drive - LONG day but doable) if I REALLY wanted to. Doesn't get much more "up" than Ogdensburg. = )
Nov. 22nd, 2007 03:03 am (UTC)
I heart NY!!!
we always say we are going to go to vermont one trip but haven't made it over there yet. i bet it is beautiful up where you live! are you getting snow yet? It looked like the weather was getting colder up there. We are in the 70's yet and miserable.

I guess I have to start saying up state central NY. :) I had to force myself to add "up state" when I talk about my relatives because whenever I say "I'm going to NY to visit family" people always asked if I was going to see a Broadway show - LOL! Apparently people can't separate "NY" from "NYC". Do you get that from your non-NY friends?

that's so funny you know Ogdensburg! I know Canton - we have people there, too. All through that area, actually. I usually say Watertown because I think that's fairly well known. Really my Gram is from Hammond which is TINY TINY TINY dairy land town and no one knows about it. But she moved to a retirement communnity center "in the big city" after they sold the farm. I like Ogdensburg, we walk around the city a lot and they do have some cute stores.
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