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Such a great weekend!!

Friday we had a birthday party for my coworker - I brought cake to work and we did presents then. I got her a roll of quarters for her yard-sale addiction (she squealed) and a copy of Wild Hogs. She bought Wild Hogs while we were at lunch one day but when she took it home her son chastised her, saying "You told me we didn't have money for xxx when we were at WalMart the other day yet you can buy Wild Hogs?" So she told them it was my copy and I'd just lent it to her. Then she brought it to me and announced I was going to borrow it and if her kids mentioned the movie to claim it was mine. So for a joke I bought her a new copy so she could legimately have it at her house and I'm keeping the one she "lent" to me. Then we were all supposed to meet at La Rumbas for margaritas but I had to skip out early because...

Friday night was Little B's 2nd Birthday party!! reddheaded I have a BUNCH of pictures for you! And a wee video of him blowing out his cupcake. Redd had the BEST party ever. It was a choo-choo train theme and she went all out. The food and decorations were amazing. She and disbandedtoastr made trains out of candies, Toastr made a cheeseball train engine, there was train shaped cheese slices, and more. Oh, and everyone was in denim and handkercheifs and we all had tickets to enter the station. There were train tracks leading up to the house, train themed games for the older kids, and a GIANT Thomas the Train tent. It was amazing and I'm leaving half of it out so my apologies for not doing the party description justice.

Saturday my dad and I rode up to Alabama for my cousin's wedding. We met the rest of the family there (Mom went up on Thursday) and I had so much fun! I miss my family. I used to see them once a month but now it's just a few times a year. On the way up we listened to an NPR interview with Flight of the Conchordes and now Dad wants one of their CDs for Christmas - which is great because I had no idea what to get him.

Saturday evening we hung out with my friends (my other family) and watched a bunch of Sarah Jane Adventures and YouTube stuff.

Sunday I drug my dad to Across the Universe along with droidgirl and magnet. Dad liked it!! YAY! I love the visuals in that movie and the choreography. It blows me away every time I see it - especially the Army scene (I Want You/She's So Heavy) and Eddie Izzard/Mr. Kite scene. And Daddy and I sang Hey Jude arm in arm as we walked from the theatre, which made me really happy.


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Nov. 14th, 2007 12:50 am (UTC)
I was glad you and droidgirl (and your dad) were able to come with me.
And yes, the Army scene visuals were particularly spectacular.
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