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I cut chorus. We had a very taxing Yoga class. Okay, that's a lame excuse. But John and I went to this place called Cayenne Cafe for dinner instead and I had the most amazing Philly Cheese-steak Salad so I'm not feeling guilty at all.

I found the coolest website!! Hello Firefly fans - http://www.fireflyfans.net/main.asp
BUT please don't just go there, PLEASE comment on this post or email me because if I invite you I earn points. In case you haven't ready read about my obsessive compulsive nature (see many previous posts) I would love love love to earn as many points as humanly possible. Makes me all warm and fuzzy. And if I earn enough points I could win stuff. And if you earn enough points you can, too!

See, here's how brilliant it is. You go to this site and get updates and information about the movie/actors/etc. But you also earn points for going to the site, answering trivia questions or fun polls, posting banners like the ones below, creating banners, designing T-shirts, reading/commenting on updates and info, writing trivia questions or polls. This keeps you informed and makes you feel like you are doing your part to help promote the movie. It's a really neat idea, I think! Consequently I'm gonna go overboard babbling about it :)

But even more than that, I got to see Jewel (Kaylee) and Nathan (Captain Mal) at Dragon*con last year and they were so kind to their fans that I want them to do well. Movie's on the way so we gotta make it fly like Serenity.

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