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random babbling! la la lala la :)

i do not feel adequately prepared for tomorrow.
i'm not sure how long my guest speaker will talk - but probably an hour which is longer than i expected. at first i was thinking "easy night!" and was going to do the midterm review and be done. then i remembered i skipped memory when we did the listening/note taking/memory chapter so i have added a 45 minute memory overview BUT am not sure if it will really be 45 minutes or if it will take a bit longer. i can't afford that because of the midterm review game which HAS to be done. so i'll have to on the fly figure out when and what to cut from my memory spiel which i do not have memorized.
another extemporaneous night - which i hate.

but i have been treating it as an easy night and have found the time to ride my bike for an hour each night this week so far (Sun/Mon/Tues) and have managed to have the whatsface tension adjuster dooby on a higher level than i usually do. i had to because i finally reached my WW goal weight last friday than promptly on Saturday ate more at a family reunion than i ever have in my entire life. so i have to wrangle my way back to my Friday weight so that i don't get in trouble. If i can stay at or below my goal weight for six weeks than i get to go to the meetings for free!! huzzah!

i've also found time to read some of PD Wodehouse's Leave it to Psmith which is brilliant. that souldn't surprise me after all the Geeves and Wooster I've seen.

my new job has "started" in that i have taken over the BAS letters/admissions and the BSN letters - which at this point isn't a lot, maybe 5 or 10 a week. I also did a training session with the people that will be taking over my evaluations. but they can't start yet because they have to hire someone to take over their old jobs and train them. so at this point I'm still doing all my old job. it's not bad, though. and when the evaluations do get taken from me i'll get more responsiblities with the bachelors degrees.

yeah, boring post i know. but it catches Sarah & SoberChef & DBD up on my life since i haven't seen fit to write an actual letter!! Sorry!! Loves you!!


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Oct. 10th, 2007 06:24 am (UTC)
I love you even though you don't write letters.
Oct. 12th, 2007 03:45 am (UTC)
sigh - i have intentions.
i even have a card.
actually, i've bought SEVERAL cards for you.
hopefully you'll get to see at least one of them some day.

i'm glad you love me!!
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