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Hey! Short question is -- if you were giving a short speech on Robbie the Robot what specific aspect would you focus on?

This week is the writing and research chapter and part of what I'm to talk about is how to broaden or narrow your topic when you are researching on-line. I have a great example of why using library sources and peer referenced journals are way better than using Google. But Google and the regular internet can be useful - among other things it helps with general research for ideas for topics before you hit the more specific referenced journals - so long as you critically evaluate the sources and the information you discover.

To that end I want to do an actual search in class. I'm going to let them pick a topic BUT if no one picks one my back up plan is to pick "robots". We will discover that Google has about 650,000,000 hits for robots, which is impossible to look through so we must narrow it. What kind of robots? Do I want to talk about robots that build cars, that robot that is learning facial recognition, toy robots, robots as a literary device for freedom and social equity as in Will Smith's I Robot or AI, or famous movie robots, or some other robot topic. Which I'll work around to Robbie the Robot just because I want to cuz he's cool and if i'm doing something I want to do somethat that interests me. That'll drop it down to about 100,000,000 pages. So I can demonstrate the advanced search and putting "robbie the robot" in quotes and using the NOT function to eliminate the words wall paper and kits which drops it down to about 30,000 - more managable. But I would like to have a more specific focus to drop the pages more and also demo the power or a more focused topic.

What should I focus on??

We talk about thesis statements that take a stand later on in class so it's not all fun happy topics - but I wanted to at least start with the happy...



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Oct. 1st, 2007 11:00 pm (UTC)
How he was programmed with Asimov's three laws in Forbidden Planet.

Or to look at subsequent film appearances: Invisible Boy, one episode of Lost in Space (I think) and some low-budget seventies/eighties movie as an injoke.
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