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Doctor Who Pinball Game!

I'm typing in the dark because I don't know where the light switch is! So forgive any typos, please. These are pictures from that AMAZING "museum" I posted about earlier. Last year John gave his friend a nonworking Ms Pacman and in his search to find someone to fix it Jim discovered a guy in Portage who not only works on arcade games he collects them and pinball machines and Isettas. Well, John has all three of those things so we went over to visit him and compare collections. His was AMAZING. He had to rent a warehouse to contain them all. The pinball machines were upstairs, the cars and arcade games downstairs. He was so friendly! He chatted for an hour and let us play with his games. He has some really awesome stories, too. He sold Penn & Teller a Pachniko machine and two years later they called him back because it was broken so they flew him to Vegas to fix it. He had it fixed in about 15 minutes and got a free flight, free show tickets, and free stay in Vegas for his trouble! Unbelievable.

Pinball Wizard Pinball Wizard
He's got at least a hundred different pinball machines! Plus he collects and sells arcade games and cars. John has better arcade games, but this guy has an AMAZING collection regardless.
Bullwinkle Pinball! Bullwinkle Pinball!
How cool is this? I was amazed by the details in these machines.
Bullwinkle Pinball close up Bullwinkle Pinball close up
It was a dark room so I tried to lighten this some, but I didn't do a good job. Sorry!
Doctor Who Pinball!! Doctor Who Pinball!!
HOW COOL IS THIS?!?! Can you see the dalek on top? It lights up and yells at you as you play. And the screen below the picture of Sylvestere McCoy flashes with different pictures of the various doctors (red led pictures, but you can recognize them) as well as the Master and daleks as you play. They yell or give encouragement or describe what you are doing as you play. Oh, and tell the score.
Doctor Who Pinball Close up Doctor Who Pinball Close up
You can't really tell, but there is a little TARDIS where the ball comes out. And there is a three level thingy that hides some of the daleks you are trying to defeat. Can you see the Master in the front taunting you? This is a LOUD game that plays the theme song, the TARDIS noise, and voices from the show. It's really super cool!!!
I have a big head! I have a big head!
John's peaking around me and the river is in the background.
The river behind the mill The river behind the mill
Can you see my camara case with my spare battery and new memory card? This is where I lost it. Somewhere around here. Left it sitting on the hood of the car and drove off. Sigh. But it was a really pretty park! And at least it wasn't my camera, I guess.

He even competes in pinball tournaments. So he totally kicked our butts at playing. I have it on video so everyone can witness how terrible I am. And to hear the sound effects. It was LOUD!


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Jul. 13th, 2007 08:08 pm (UTC)
man that is AWESOME ..... a dr. who pinball!!!
i'd love to have one .... especially if they made a new one ... with pictures of all the doctors, bad guys and companions .... that would totally rock

you know, i'd love to help john MAKE a pinball machine ... i could do the art, mike and him can to the tech bit of it ..... that would be NIFTY!

and more and more the idea of opening up a comic book store with your husband is getting to me .... we can have a corner for gamers, action figures all across the walls for sale and for display .... a DVD station, pinball/arcade game station, of course a comic book station, relaxation station .... and so forth ..... that would be TOTALLY awesome!

then we don't have to fill up our houses with all that junk ..... who am i kidding? .... we're still gonna have all that crap all over the place .... hehe

(this is what i mean, and that's not even all of them!)

i'd say we have enough material to open a geek shop though

glad you guys are doing great up there, and glad you have net access, compared to last year, when we didn't hear from you much at all

see you soon
miss you guys TONS!
Jul. 14th, 2007 12:40 pm (UTC)

If you DO decide to open up a game store, let me know. I can put you in touch with "people, and people who know people.." :)
Jul. 15th, 2007 07:17 am (UTC)
hehe, thx

people isn't the problem ... it's cash for me at the moment ....
cause our COOL local comic book store (book and game emporium) has a lot of people who'd SUPPORT us rather than compete with us ... cause they're damn cool geeks ..... it's just like i said ... financing the whole thing at the moment would be a little difficult

but it's start ... who knows!

btw ... what you see in those pictures is 1/4 of our toy collection .... rest has spread to other rooms hehe!
Jul. 15th, 2007 08:18 pm (UTC)
Ya, I know money people, also :) I can play the role of the money person, but I think my sister has some investments in mind for me in the Real Estate market, so that may rule me out. I've always wanted to own a game store, though. :sigh:

Have you thought of a location? If it isn't in FWB directly, any chance Jerry would go in with you on a joint venture in, say, Crestview?
Jul. 25th, 2007 12:23 pm (UTC)
you guys are awesome.

john actually asked me for informatin on the small business developement center and wants to attend some of their seminars. he's really serious about it. frankly, the thought of owning our own place and being totally responsible scares me. i like just reporting in and getting a paycheck, i don't want to hire/fire/calculuate tax/get sued by crazy people. but maybe i'm just a coward and paranoid.
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